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Full Service is a visual novel for boys with an exciting story, freedom of choice, different locations, attractive characters, and more.

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May 7, 2023

People who love to read novels like visual novel games. These games give you a novel reading experience but in an exciting way. This game is for boys, where you will explore Morningwood City to change your life. The game’s story is about how your life changes after your first visit to the Full Service Spa. You will meet different characters in the game, and your choices and decisions will decide the story’s fate. The game features high-quality graphics and an interesting story making the game addictive. So, keep reading and dig out more information about the game.

About Full Service

Full Service is a visual novel where you play with the perspective of a young boy, Tomoki Nakamoto. The game is all about boys’ love, where you explore Morningwood City and compete for love. You were a man who wanted some changes in life, and after your first visit to the full-service spa, your life changed. The game has an exciting story that keeps you hooked for hours.

Moreover, the game features more than 200 unique CG illustrations, many characters to pursue a love relationship with, a story full of mystery and relationships, different endings, many side characters, HD graphics, and more. You will enjoy some exciting scenes in the game. The game lets you decide your actions and dialogues, so the story’s fate depends on your choices. Besides, you can go to different places in the game, according to your preference.


Many Attractive Characters

The game has many attractive characters with whom you can talk and build friendships and relationships. You will meet Sota Kobayashi, Remi Svensson, Kovit Chaiyarit, Raid Schwarz, Hisami Kondo, and other side characters.

Make Choices

The game allows players to make decisions at several points in the story. And your choices will decide the story’s path and fate. In short, players can choose their story and partner with whom they want to continue their love relationship.

Interesting Story

The game has an exciting story where you play Tomoki Nakamoto, who wants to change his life. He goes to a spa for the first time and meets four attractive boys. You can talk to them, pursue your love relationships and enjoy exciting interactions with them.

HD Graphics

Besides, the game has high-quality graphics. And the illustrations you see in the game are creatively designed, which makes the game look so attractive. Plus, the game’s music and sound make resisting even harder.

Go to Different Places

You can explore different places in the game. There is a Morning Mall, M.Wood University, Full Service Spa, Schwarz Bank, Apartment, and Central City. You can go anywhere you want.

More Features

  • The game has more than 200 CG illustrations with 1000+ variations.
  • The story of the game can end in different ways. It will depend on the player’s choices.
  • A gallery that you can unlock and see the story’s exciting scenes you experienced in the game’s history.
  • Discover the city’s inhabitants, mysteries, and relationships.

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How to Install Full Service APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Firstly, ensure your device allows installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Go to Settings and enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Security.enable Unknown Sources to install Full Service

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Full Service APK on your device. It will take a while to download.
  • Once downloading is completed, locate the file in your File Manager App and tap on it.locate Full Service APK file
  • After that, tap on Install and confirm the installation.start installing Full Service
  • The game will be installed on your Android device in a few seconds. Then you can Open the game and play it.Full Service successfully installed


What is Full Service game?

It is a visual novel for boys that lets you explore Morningwood City and its mysteries and build relationships.

Is Full Service game available for Android?

You can download the game APK from this website and install it to play it on your Android mobile.

Is Full Service game safe?

The game is easily accessible and safe to play. Download the game from a secure website and install it to play without the risk of viruses and malware.


So, that was all about the Full Service game. It is a visual novel similar to other visual novel games where you put forward a story according to your choices. And your choices decide the fate and path of the story. This game has an exciting story of Tomoki Nakamoto, a young boy who wants to change his life. His life changed when he first went to a full-service spa. He meets four attractive men there, and the rest depends on how players take on the story. So, download the game from this website and enjoy the exciting gameplay of the game.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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