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March 5, 2023


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Drag Racing is the perfect game which lets you to be a part of the racing journey where you are the driver of your car and you have to use your skills to win the race and be the ultimate racer out there. The game has a wide range of licensed cars which you can use during your racing journey. Drag Racing is a nitro fuelled racing app that lets you to virtually experience the magic of being on the race track which you could only see as a spectator earlier.

Sounds of engines roaring, the cheers of the crowd and sweat drops are appearing on your forehead. You put in the key and turn the engine on and then you suddenly see the flag being waived in front of you as the symbol of beginning the race. You press the accelerator and as embark on the race of your lifetime. That is the magic of experiencing the adventure of the racetrack. Though you can go to a racetrack as a spectator and enjoy the racing action unfold in front of you.

In this article, we shall talk about the features and gameplay of Drag Racing game, the requisites to download the mod apk and we shall end it with providing the very important download link which shall provide access to the latest working version of Drag Racing mod apk.

Drag Racing : Features and Gameplay

The game lets you be a part of the adventure and thrill of being a racer in a nitro fuelled car races where you can use the large list of licensed cars in order to defeat your enemies and be the best drag racer out there. By defeating your opponents you can climb up the leader board and be a part of the racing hall of fame. You can also participate in the real time 10 players race.

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Features of Drag Racing Game:

  • The game provides you an awesome access to the very exclusive licensed 50 plus cars from the best car manufacturers out there like the skyline or the classic 69’ Mustang to choose from to race and be the best out there.
  • The game lets you feel the actual adventure of being in charge of your car while racing. The player has to maintain the right balance of power and grip all this while paying due attention the race track, accelerator and the brakes. Because if you want to be the champion, you need to be a master of managing everything.
  • There is fun being able to play a certain game but the fun levels go to the next horizon if we can play the same game with our friends. This game lets you invite all your friends and play the multiplayer mode where you can all engage in friendly races to determine who is the best amongst the best.
  • The game also boasts an awesome online community of racing enthusiasts just like you. Which means that you can interact and engage in a conversation with like minded people.
  • The game also boasts an awesome one on one competition mode and an awesome advantage of having to be a part of the pro league where you get to compete with players from across the world in order to determine the ultimate racer.

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What’s more in Drag Racing Mod Apk ?

With the introduction of mod apks which provide the same app with the convenience but with added advantages, the gaming community was in all cheers. Drag Racing mod apk provides the superb advantage of having unlimited cash which shall help you in making purchases of your favourite licensed cars and nitro without having to worry about the fact that whether you have sufficient money to make the purchase or not.

Requirements for installing Drag Racing :

  • Working android phone.
  • Working internet connection.

How to download and install Drag Racing Modded apk?

  • Click the download link given below.
  • Select “Yes”and the download process shall begin.


  • As soon as the download is finished, you will be redirected to the installation page.


  • Select “Install ” and your android device shall do the rest.

drag racing game installed

The link provided also helps everyone who is looking for something to help them because they are unable to sign into the Google Play Store or cannot download the app. So for every logical person, the mod apk works wonders when compared to the basic version.

Drag Racing Gameplay Screenshots:

drag racing gameplay first drag racing gameplay second drag racing gameplay third

Final Verdict:

Drag Racing game lets you experience the suspense and thrill that comes with being on the race track. The game lets you compete one on one or participate in the pro league or play in the super cool online multiplayer with you friends in order to determine who is the best racer out there. Drag Racing mod apk provides the awesome advantage of having the purchasing power to purchase anything you like because the game provides the superb advantage of having unlimited cash. It is undoubtedly one of the best racing games out there. With its added advantages, it’s a must have on your android devices.

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