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Cherry Tale is a action-pack game where you create an army of beautiful and powerful characters to save humanity.

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August 13, 2023

For the fans of Actions games, Cherry Tale is a gem you can’t miss. The game features an exciting story of a war between heavenly powers and humanity. The storyline is immersive and binds you to the game within a few seconds after playing the game. Besides, this action-pack game will allow you to create an army of beautiful, talented mages to save humanity. All the mages will have different skills and powers, so make a powerful team according to your choice.

About Cherry Tale

Cherry Tale is a perfect combination of angelic characters and epic dramatic stories. The game is based on the times when human existence was at a nascent stage. It was the time when the arrogance of humans made them believe that they were equivalent to gods. And this left the gods with no option other than intervening. They sent their army from heaven to fight humans.

Interestingly, this army consists of beautiful angels. Here, you’ll witness a tactical war between humans and fallen angels. The army of angels starts defeating the humans. Slowly, they conquered humans. Humans then took help from gods who were still in their favor. But the catch is that they will only intervene if humans give up on their man-made madness of magic. With the intervention of the gods, humanity regains its presence in the war.

The power and magic of the gods made humanity conquer the evil angel’s army. The fallen military gets sealed into barriers by the humans. But with time, this seal gets weaker. The fear of evil and humanity’s destruction reappears. You will be playing as the human descendant of the lead magician. Now, you’ll be responsible for protecting humanity by choosing your mages. Now, your chosen ones will take up the battlefield.


Exciting Story

Neversoft created Cherry Tale, an RPG. Among other things, it retells the narrative of Little Red Riding Hood. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices. Players in Cherry Tale may anticipate going on a fantasy adventure with fairy tale characters and forming friendships with them. Red Riding Hood, for example, is no timid little girl; she has her heart set on cooking and devouring the Big Bad Wolf with her sawblade.

Eco Mode

Cherry Tale allows you to farm in-game materials quickly. When running the game, in many instances, enable the Eco Mode. Also, reduce your PC’s resource utilization.


Concentrate on the pleasurable parts of the game and avoid the tiresome ones. Macros will help you master Cherry Tale. Record yourself performing the repetitive actions you want to automate and playback them later with a single key press.


In Cherry Tale, you may speed up the rerolling process. Perform many summoning and continue your search for the greatest Heroes. To reproduce the rerolling technique in all instances, use Multi-Instance sync.

Instant MultiSync

You may accomplish much more in Cherry Tale with the Multi-instance Sync. Sync the primary instance’s actions and replicate them for all other instances in real-time. Sync and sit back to watch the game proceed.

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How to Install Cherry Tale APK

To begin with, you should prepare your device for a successful installation. Enable the Unknown Sources option from the Security Settings. And then proceed to the installation procedure.

  • Download the Cherry Tale APK on your mobile device.
  • Once downloaded, find the file on your File Manager App. And then tap on it.locate Cherry Tale Apk for installation
  • Next, tap on Install, and the installation will now start.install Cherry Tale Apk on Android
  • It will take a few seconds to install the game. Once installed, you can Open it and play it.Cherry Tale successfully installed


Is Cherry Tale available for Android?

Yes, the game is available for all Android with 6.0 or later Android OS.

Is there any way to get unlimited gems in Cherry Tale?

You can use the modified version to get unlimited money in the game. There is no official way to do the same.

How to download Cherry Tale on mobile?

You can download the latest version of the game from this website. It is safe and free from malware.


So, that’s all about Cherry Tale for Android. You can play this game easily on your mobile devices. It is an interesting game that offers an immersive story, addictive gameplay, beautiful characters, exciting tasks, and much more. Plus, the graphics of the game are so impressive that you will be overwhelmed watching the exciting scenes in the game. So, if you are feeling dull, this game can fill your day with excitement. Download it from this website and try it.

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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