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June 21, 2024

CarX Street Apk is a car racing game formerly available for iOS only. But now it is available for Android users too. The game has many jaw-dropping features that make it so desirable. It comes with realistic physics that makes the animation look real. And the most important feature of the game is that it allows you to compete with other online players worldwide. We have provided a lot of information in the article, which you must read before downloading the CarX Street game.


Lots Of Cars: CarX Street allows racers to choose their vehicles. There are 40 different cars available in the game to choose from. Players have a complete choice to select hypercars to trucks. There are several sports, classic cars, muscle cars, regular vehicles, and also powerful supercars.

Realistic Physics: The game’s realistic physics make the gaming experience more realistic. You can feel every horsepower of your vehicle. And that takes your excitement to the next level.

Campaign Mode: The campaign mode is something that adds up the real fun in the game. Players should check Texas deserts, France, Australia, Russia, and more. You must have to destroy Winston’s empire. And figure out his plans and motive. In this campaign, players can make new friends who will help them to win the game.

Online Racing: Online Racing feature of CarX Street makes it the most exciting game ever. This feature allows users to show their skills to other players in the world. Winning a league will help you to reach the next level league. You will face new competitors and challenges in the game every time you play.

Game Modes: There are several game modes available to play for players. These modes can never let a player be bored. You can play Time Attack, complete your run without a scratch, or race to stay in the pack. All these modes are so much different from each other.

Police Mode: The Police mode is something different that you can’t find easily in other games. You will be the police here; your task will be to maintain law and order on the roads. You will have to chase the offenders and catch them before they disappear.

Free Ride Mode: The free ride mode is for those who want to drive freely and enjoy a hustle-free drive. Players don’t have to worry about fleeing or following. They can just move freely over the road.

Events: The game also includes a lot of events. And the best part of these events is that they offer rewards. The winners can earn a unique car. So, if you want to collect some unique vehicles, you should take part in different events. If you perform well, you may get a lot of exciting, unique cars.

Additional Features: The additional features of CarX Street includes the Day/Night Mode. You can drive around Paris or explore the dust of Texas. Another mode is Flee from police mode. In this mode, you will be chased by police cars and have to keep yourself safe until you cross the finish line.

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How to Install CarX Street Apk

  • First of all, download the CarX Street Apk on your device.
  • Locate the downloaded file from your File manager.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  • Now, open the file and extract it to a folder.
    extract files
  • You will see all the extracted file there.
    extract files
  • After that, tap on the .apk file and Install it.
    click on install
  • After installation, don’t tap Open; Tap Done.
    carx highway racing apk installed
  • Now, open the OBB Folder and copy the OBB file inside it.
  • Paste it to Phone Storage >> Android
    select android folder position
  • Then open the OBB folder. Paste it inside the obb folder.
    select obb folder
  • Once done, go back and open the game.
  • It will ask you for some permission. Tap the allow option.
    click on Allow
  • You are now all ready to play the game.


Is CarX Street available for Android?

CarX Street is a well-known game for iOS devices. It is readily available on AppStore. Recently, the developers made a big release of the CarX Street Android version. The Android version of CarX Street is now available worldwide. Android users also can now play CarX Street on their Android devices.

Is CarX Street coming to mobile?

CarX Street is a very popular game. It has millions of fans worldwide. The game comes with updates and new versions for the users, allowing them to play it on their PC, Android, and iOS devices. The game has recently released its latest version on Sep 08, 2022. Users are very excited about this new version for Android users.

How many GB is CarX Street?

The size of CarX Street is 713 MB. Yes, the size is quite larger than usual. So, you will require a lot of free space to play the game efficiently. However, the game size is bigger, but it is worth installing. A lot of incredible features are included in the game for the best gaming experience. Also, there are jaw-dropping animations to make your experience even more exciting.

Can I run CarX Street?

To play the CarX Street game on your PC, you must have an intel core i5-4590 CPU or higher. In addition, you must have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphic card (according to the company). But when we talk about practical experience, you need at least an AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card if you want to play CarX Street smoothly and efficiently on your device.


So, that’s all about the CarX Street Apk. The game is very entertaining to play. All players get a chance to show their skills and compete with other players worldwide. You can use different vehicles in the game and earn unique cars by entering and winning the events. All the information about the Apk is given above. You can also install the CarX Street game on your Android with the help of the tutorial given above.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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