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A game which gives you a direct connection to the childhood, the Block Craft 3D allows the gamer to build famous structures from all over the world using the various shapes of blocks. You need to form the right strategy and plan every move because one wrong placement can cost you the entire game. In this game, you have to use your creativity to build and show off one of a kind unique structures.

As kids we used to live playing with blocks and building unique structures. Sometimes they used to turn up something magnificent while at other times, they became a weird looking formation. But the best part about it was that we let our imagination run free without worrying what the end results will be. This is exactly what the Block Craft 3D provides the user, a gaming experience designed with the best kind of graphics and letting you build famous formations and even use your creativity. The game is provided to the gamer for absolutely free of cost.

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We will take this opportunity for sharing with the reader all the necessary information about the game and it’s basic features and gameplay. We shall also discuss about the download process and provide the game with the exclusive access to the download link giving the latest version of the game.

Features of the Block Craft 3D:

  • There is a lot of fun when the gamer is provided with a chance to experience the gameplay with their friends and this eventually makes the gaming more popular and user friendly. This is what the makers made sure by creating a specially crafted multiplayer gameplay that allows you to visit the cities build by your friends and complete the construction which is not finished. Build teams together and build the most advanced and high tech cities together.
  • Having a pet is what we all aspired at one point or the other in our lives but our parents never let us have one. The game actually let’s you fulfil your childhood wish during the course of the game where you can adopt and pet a lot of animals. The other games use the concept of monsters but this is not the case with this game. You can adopt a cat, a dog or even an elephant while exploring the world in the game in 3D graphics.
  • The game let’s you use your imagination completely without any limitations on use. The gamer can build any kind of unique building using the strategy and this makes every building constructed in the game different. The fun does not end over here because the gamer can also get to decorate the interior of the building right from the flooring to the furniture to the skin designs. The makers provide you the advantage of customisation to let you give your city the embodiment of your personal style and preferences.
  • If you think that the game is completely based on creativity and it will not be fun for anyone who is not at all creative then you could not be any more wrong because the makers designed the game to be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of the creative background. For the normal folks the game provides you a map which you can use to visit the other cities and get an idea about building and designing your city. So it provides you a chance to learn and build.
  • There are a lot of modern day android gaming apps which claim to provide the user with all the basic features and gameplay for absolutely free of cost but when you actually download and use them, you realise that they have a lot of hidden in app purchases which makes the gamer disappointed. But this is certainly not the case with the game because it offers everything for completely free. It also boasts a huge collection of pixels and blocks of various shapes and sizes can be designed and built by the gamer. Just form the right strategy.

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How to download and install the Block Craft 3D Apk?

  • Select the download link provided below and this shall start the downloading process.


  • The installation page of the apk will appear before the user once the download process is over.

click on install

  • Select Install and the installation process will be completed by the android device.

Block Craft 3D Mod Apk installed

Final Verdict:

The game is the perfect answer to boredom and provides the gamer with the opportunity to build various famous structures by using the right strategy and skills for placing the blocks. The gamer is encouraged to use complete creativity and build one of a kind structures and earn points in the game. The game is provided for absolutely free and is designed with the best kind of graphics available making the gaming experience unmatched. Choosing the modified version over the basic version of the game will unlock for the gamer the important advantage of getting unlimited money that will allow the gamer to build endless carefree structures and purchase the best stuff from the store right at the start of the game. This makes the Block Craft 3d apk a popular choice for the gamer.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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