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Updated on April 22, 2022

Instagram is an extremely popular social media network that allows you to share a lot of photos and live stories with all your followers. The platform is one of a kind and has a strong use of hashtags that allow you to make your photos trending throughout the world. But that does not mean that the everyone out there is a huge fan of the app. There are a lot of users who are not a great fan of Instagram and for such users, there are a lot of other photos sharing apps available in the Google Play Store. With such a huge list of alternatives, it is only a matter of time that your mind gets confused with a large availability of options out there.

In this article, we shall help you out of this big confusion problem by providing you with a list of the best photo sharing apps that will provide you with a one of a kind photo sharing experience.

best photo sharing apps like instagram

Best Photo Sharing Apps Like Instagram

1. Twitter

twitterThere was a time when the term “tweet” was only synonymous with birds. But a decision taken about 12 years ago in 2006 took the internet world by a storm. In came twitter, the social media platform where people from across the world can share their thoughts and photographs with a maximum limit of 280 characters so that the message does not become long and boring. With people from all across the globe being the members of the famous social media platform, Justin Bieber, the famous pop singer has the maximum followers on Twitter. Its not just Hollywood but there are celebrities from Bollywood, sports, news, entertainment and business community which are a part of Twitter where they share photographs with quirky cute hashtags which can be viewed by their fans. It is a medium through which they stay connected with their fans. The Twitter users or “twitterati’s” as they popularly call themselves are major trend setters of the world. How many times have you seen a twitter hash tag which is trending throughout the Globe where Twitter users post photographs with the hash tag. Twitter has become an already popular platform which can be used by the user to share their favourite photographs and because of the restriction on the maximum amount of content to be posted on the platform, Twitter gets a competitive edge to when it comes to posting photographs. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best Instagram alternative apps of 2018.

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2. Facebook

facebookWhen we had Twitter on this list, it was only fair to have Facebook on this list too as these two platforms are the pioneers of social media in the world. Lets get straight to the elephant in the room. How many of us have been jealous by the photographs of your friends having fun on their vacations while you are getting bored at your home which are posted on Facebook? Everyone has! Everyone still does! So we all are totally aware of the fact that whenever we think of posting a photograph on any social media platform, Facebook is the first name that comes up in our minds. You can post an entire album containing any number of photographs or even a single photograph with or without a caption. There is no limit on the maximum number of photos which can be posted on Facebook. There are a lot of famous celebrities who are a part of Facebook and they are from a varied professional fields be it actors, musicians, business experts, politicians, media people or even the people in power. With Facebook and its ability to share photographs with your friends which can be situated at any part of the world with the utmost amount of ease, it has become one of the best platform for sharing the photographs. Needless to say that the Facebook app is available for free for download in the Google Play Store. If you are not a member of Facebook then you are missing on a lot of cool stuff.

3. Snapchat

snapchatWhat makes Snapchat unique and better than all the apps that we shall mention in this list is the fact that it allows you to share personalised snaps with your friends and the snaps disappear once your friends see them. Using snapchat, you get a lot of awesome filters that help the app stand out from the rest. In fact it is because of the popularity that the filters of snapchat gained that we have the upgrades providing filters to all other major social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. You can share all your photographs from your android device which appears under the camera roll feature and share it with your friends or post it as a snap story where everyone in your snapchat friend list will be able to view it. The best part, the stories shall disappear after a period of 24 hours. Needless to say that like every other social media platform for photos sharing, snapchat is also popular amongst a lot of famous celebrities. There is another feature that makes snapchat a popular choice for sharing photographs is the fact that you can maintain a snap streak with your friends where you have to share at least one snap with your friends everyday and they have to do the same. If you think that photo sharing is something restricted to special occasions, snapchat is here to prove you wrong by making photo sharing a daily affair.

4. Pinterest

pinterestWhat if tell you that there was a asocial media platform where you can share your photographs on an online platform but the catch is that it happens on ideas. Pintrest is the extremely popular new platform where you can share the photos based on a particular idea. In fact there are photographs posted by different users are bundled together to form an idea. The user does not search the particular photos but instead the particular idea and all the photos related to that particular idea shall pop up. There is no limit as to what kind of idea you want to search about, some people use Pintrest in search for creative interest while there are people who use to find out the trending styles and items that shall make them stand out from the rest of the world. With Pintrest, you can share anything and everything you like and you shall definitely get someone who shall be looking and having the same kinds of interest just like you. What really makes Pintrest extremely popular is the fact that it transforms the photo sharing experience by giving it a meaning instead of just randomly sharing photos. Thinking about anything, just go on Pintrest and get a lot of photos matching your ideas.

5. Tumblr

tumblrThere is everything which has an alternative substitute which can be used if you do not like the first. So it is only justified that we have the best substitute for Instagram. Tumblr is the perfect substitute for those who do not like using Instagram. It allows you to share photos, texts and videos just like Instagram. The photos shared on Tumblr can be searched and found across the platform using hashtags. Though Tumblr does not provide the live stories feature which has become a prominent part of Instagram but it does deliver on the remaining stuff pretty good that it makes you forget the requirement of the stories feature. The Tumblr also provides you with the awesome advantage of creating GIF’s and there is also a vintage comfort that allows you to customise virtually whatever you see on your profile page. There is no restriction on the amount of photos or videos that you can post on the Tumblr but there is no stories feature available. If you are a fan of limited yet high quality features then the Tumblr app is the right choice for you.

6. Flickr

flickrThe next app on the list is the one which was also an one of a kind idea developed just like Instagram. It just provides more of a hybrid service that allows you to share any number of photos that you like on the platform just like cloud storage. If the user wishes, then he/ she may decide to share the photographs with the public who can use it to communicate with one another. The hashtags are available but they do not have a strong impact as in case of Instagram. The Flickr app also does not have the option to do live posts or live stories. But if you are the fan of classic facilities that are offered at the utmost high quality then you should definitely check out the Flickr app. The app is available for free of cost at the Google Play Store and can be downloaded with the utmost ease. It’s one of the best apps like Instagram for the purpose of photo sharing.

7. Google+

google plusGoogle+ comes as a new innovation in the social media industry. It is developed by the technological giant, Google where there is a collaboration with the Google Photos that allows you to share any number of photos with the unlimited storage facility. It allows you to share the photos and also comes with an option to share micro images. Like Pintrest, you can create the collection of photos on a particular topics and post your photos. You can share your collections and can also follow others which shall allow you to view their photos collection. There is practically no use of hashtags which are extremely popular in the other social media platforms. So if you like your photo sharing experience to be one of a kind then you can definitely go for the Google+ app that is available in the Google Play Store for free of cost.

8. Imgur

imgurDo you know that certain websites on the internet that prefer links of a certain website or an app. That is what led to the popularity of the Imgur app as certain websites like prefer image links from imgur. The Imgur is just like Flickr, it allows you to share any number of photos as you wish. You can share you photos with others or you can follow other people on the Imgur platform that shall allow you to view their shared photographs. The platform also does not come with the live stories or the live photos concept and it is not as robust as Instagram but that is not a barrier in the popularity of the Imgur app. If you are a fan of ease and convenience then you can definitely go for the Imgur app. The app is easily available in the Google Play store for free of cost. The people on the platform post cool wallpapers, memes and photos.

9. Mastodon

mastodonNow it is time to actually welcome a newer platform like Mastodon into the list of apps that are best for photos sharing. Just to be clear, Mastodon is one of the newer photo sharing platforms so there are not as many people on the platform like in the other popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The app allows you to create individual platforms for photo sharing known as servers. Each server is based on an unique idea just like pintrest, you can share that particular idea and you can view all the photographs posted under that particular idea with the utmost ease. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store. The idea for creating individual servers for every particular idea is very unique and fresh and is guaranteed to become a bigger success in the near future. So it is only advisable that you become a part of the soon to be photo sharing giant in the making. If you like to go with the fresh and newly developed ideas then you should definitely show your love for the Mastodon app by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

10. Muzy

muzyWith around 20 million users, Muzy is an already popular platform for sharing photos just like Instagram. It is available for free to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app allows you to share your artistic photographs and collages on your profile. You can add quirky filters or add funny and exciting messages to create awesome posts. The best part about the Muzy app is that it allows you to share everything with your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. You can share any number of photos on the app with an unlimited free storage option that is available on the app. With quirky filters and the option to share both photos and collages, the Muzy app is the right photo sharing destination that you should definitely be a part of.


Keep visiting our blog Techylist to get latest Android updates. There are a lot of users of Instagram but there are not all of us who are big fans of the app and that’s why we are in a constant search for a good alternative when it comes to photos sharing apps available on the Google Play Store which provide high quality photo sharing features like Instagram but also have a competitive edge that shall help us to stand out from the crowd. So if you are not a fan of Instagram then you should definitely check out the apps mentioned in the list.