10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android (September 2018)

Updated on April 22, 2022

Has it ever happened with you that you were out at a beautiful location with your friends and you click a lot of photos with your android device. But once you return to your home and are browsing through the photos , you realise that majority of the photographs are either blurred or do not have the right lighting or there are red eyes. At that moment you just think that may be you could have clicked a few more photographs or use the photo editing software that allows you to edit your photographs.

But quite a while ago, the photo editing software was something that was limited to professionals who had enough technical expertise to use these software. Then came in a huge revolution that brought with it a huge rise in the competition which shall eventually lead to the fall in the prices and making the once luxury smart phones easily affordable to the general public. All of this finally led to the creation of a lot of apps which are available for download in the Google Play Store. So with time the once software that was available to be used by professionals became available as an easily available and easy to use apps which can be accessed by anyone at any place.

There are photo editor apps that are easily available that work as the saving grace for all your bad photos. With the app, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your favourite photos or use the crop out feature to remove the unwanted people or objects from the photographs. Not just that, they also give an option to convert your photos in to art works using the mosaic feature. It is only justified that you shall be confused by the large amount of photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store. So ease everything, we shall suggest you the list of the best photo editor apps which will make your photo editing experience easy and worth while.

Photoshop Express

photoshop expressFor all of us who have a little knowledge about photo editing, we must have heard about Photoshop. It is one of the best and the first computer software that provided the users with an opportunity to edit their favourite photographs with the utmost ease. It was only justified that with time, that the Photoshop photo editing software made a rightful transition into an easy to use android app because the focus of the world was eventually changing towards android apps from personal computers. In came the Photoshop Express app which is available for free of cost and with the utmost ease from the Google Play Store. The Photoshop express allows the user to upload a photograph from their android device and edit the basic features of it. The user can change the size of the photograph, crop out the unnecessary portions, edit the brightness and contrast. You can even rotate or flip your favourite photograph. The noise reduction feature is a boon for everyone who is looking to unwanted noise from their photographs. The app also has the ability to make your pictures taken in the night mode extremely spectacular. If you do not want to use all of these features then you can simply make use of the auto fix feature available that fixes the photograph on its own just at a click of a button. If you love working with the best then Photoshop Express is the right app for you.


Pixlr Photo Editor

pixlrNext on the link is another extremely popular photo editing app available on the Google Play Store. Pixlr is also one of the first and the pioneers in the photo editing apps. The app personifies easy usage and customer satisfaction as it does not need the user to have advanced knowledge of Photo editing in order to make the right use of the app. Anyone and everyone can use the Pixlr app with the utmost ease. The app provides you with superb features which allow you to perfect your photo such as the cropping or the resize or the flip the photograph features that help the user to remove the unnecessary part of the photograph. That’s not it, the app also allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the photograph. It also provides you with huge variety of photo filters which you can use in order to give your favourite photo a new tone. The most special thing about the Pixlr app is that it allows you to come up with unique collages by using a maximum of 9 photographs from your android device. The app removes the need to have a separate app for creating a collage by providing the feature to create and edit the collage using the same tools that are available for photo editing.


Photo Lab

photo labWhat sets the Photo lab app apart from all the other apps that we shall mention in this list is the fact that the app comes with around 800 plus unique photo features like the photo filters for setting a unique tone to your photo or the photomontages that help you give a cutting edge to your photo or the quirky cute photo frames that help you give a wholesome and finished appeal to your photograph. There are a lot of basic features available too such as the resize, rotate and flip feature or the ability to adjust the sharpness, brightness and the contrast of the photograph. The app also comes with an ability to create a photo collage from using the photos from your android gallery. The best part is that after editing the photograph on the Photo lab app, you can directly post it to any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The app is well known for its user friendly operations that does not require anyone to have prior knowledge of photo editing.


YouCam Perfect

youcam perfectHave you ever thought that if your waist was a few inches small then the photograph would have looked much better? This happens with me every time I get a photograph clicked. There is no need to worry any more about such scenarios because the YouCam perfect app was developed keeping in mind all the problems a user faces while getting a portrait clicked. The app comes with an unique mosaic feature that blurs the background pixels in order to create a beautiful mosaic effect on your android device. There is also a feature that helps in reducing the extra inches from your waist and makes you look slimmer in your photograph. There is also an option to remove your eye bags and reshape your face. These are what make the app extremely popular photo editing app in the Google Play Store. That’s not all folks! Because the app also provides the basic features like resize, rotate and flip. Moreover there is also an option to adjust the brightness, sharpness and contrast of the Photo. If you are looking for a photo editing app that makes you perfect in every aspect then you should definitely go for the YouCam Perfect app. The app adds a watermark to every photograph that is edited.


Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor

toolwiz photosNow its time that we move on to the apps which provide features for professional photo editing. There are a lot of such apps available on the Google Play Store but the Toolwiz photos-pro editor is an one of the kind photo editing app. There are around 200 plus professional photo editing tools which are the reason behind the popularity of the app. There are features like face swap or the opportunity to adjust the saturation levels of the photo or the chance to create cool fun collages using the photos from your android device. There are also a lot of cool unique filters that make your photograph appear more beautiful. The app is designed keeping in mind to get the minimum efforts from the user. In addition to the basic editing features which almost every photo editing app available in the Google Play Store provides, the Toolwiz photos-pro editor provides the awesome features like Prisma filters, Image toner to set the tone and HDR. All of this makes the app what it is today.



airblushThe Airbrush photo editing app was developed keeping in mind the fact that it needs to provide the simple and easy using experience for the user. The app has a lot of unique features like teeth whitening and the body shaper that gives you the chance to make your appearance perfect in the photograph. There are also a lot of artistic features like the mosaic which gives your photograph an artistic feel. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store but it does contain a certain ad-ins that can be purchased by the user for real money which give you certain extra features that shall make your photo editing features more convenient. The best thing about the Airbrush app is that it allows you to share the edited photograph directly to any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thereby saving a lot of time and efforts for the user. If you are looking for an app with everything available at one place then you should definitely head out and download the Airbrush app.



snapseedIs it just me or has everyone experienced the irritation and the distraction from the nagging advertisements that continuously disrupt your working. This is the case with a lot of photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store too but its not the case with the Snapseed which is available free of cost on the Google Play Store and it comes with an ads free version. Now lets talk about the features of the Snapseed app, it comes with the most easiest usage which allows you to open any file you like just by the click on the screen. There are around 28 plus cool tools like brightness, sharpness and contrast adjuster or the option to resize and crop your photo to remove the extra part which shall make your photo editing experience superb. The app also provides you with an amazing option of either directly saving the photograph after editing or share it with all your friends on almost every social media platforms.


Photo Director

photo directorEvery photo editing app which is present on the Google Play Store is restricted to editing the photographs that are already clicked and saved on your android device. But this is not the case with the Photo Director and that is what sets it apart from the other photo editing apps. The Photo Director app is a multi usage app that comes with an in built camera feature that allows you to edit your photographs live while directly taking the photos from your android device’s camera. So now you do not have to click the photo first and edit it later when you can directly edit them while clicking the photo. The app also provides you with the feature that shall help removing unwanted people and objects from your photo using the content-aware removal editing tool. The photo Director app is free to download but there are a few added features that can be purchased for real cash. Needless to say that the Photo Director app comes with extremely powerful photo editing tools like tone setter or the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast of the photograph. If you like one of a kind things then the photo director app is definitely the app for you.


Aviary Photo Editor

aviary photo editorThere is pre determined popularity if something comes out from an already existing franchise. It is an exactly same scenario for the Aviary photo editor because it is the member the Adobe family. The app caters to both the sections of users, first the section that is not technically literate and is looking for an app the provides basic features like the ability to resize, crop or flip the photo or adjust the brightness and contrast or simply use the auto fix feature that shall automatically fix the photo. Second that section of the user base that have good knowledge of the technology of photo editing and require an app that provides advanced features like adjusting the vignettes , lighting and most importantly the focus of the photo in addition to the normal features of that one can expect out of a photo editing app. The Aviary photo editor is the right app for almost all kinds of users and comes from the already popular Adobe franchise that is already well known in the photo editing sector.


PicsArt Photo Studio

picsartIt is said that the popularity of any app out there in the Google Play Store is directly proved from the number of downloads that app is able to get. The fact that the PicsArt Photo Studio has gathered more than a 100 million downloads shows in itself that the app is one of the best photo editing app available in the Google Play Store. The app is extremely popular because of the fact it offers a huge array of features like brightness, contrast, sharpness adjustment or the ability to croup out , resize or flip the photograph. The PicsArt photo studio also comes with an in built camera feature that allows you to edit the photo right while clicking the photograph and also the option to post your photo immediately to any of the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For everyone who trusts what is already popular, PicsArt photo studio is the perfect photo editing app available in the Google Play Store. It provides everything that you shall ever need for photo editing.


Conclusion :

There was a time when photo editing was a task limited to the technically aware people. With the modifications and evolution going throughout the world, it was only a matter of time that it the thing which was once thought of as the skills of the selected people now became the apps which can be used by anyone anywhere at any time. Throughout this article , we talked about the best photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store. There were some apps which were focussing on providing the common folks to try their hand at photo editing while the others were the apps which focussed on providing advanced photo editing services to technically aware users or there were some apps that combined both these qualities and catered to all the user section. There were some apps which came with an in built camera feature that allows the user to edit the photo as and when you click the photo. There were apps which were extremely popular and there were apps which came from an already popular franchise like Adobe. So now there is no need to worry if you click a blurred photo or the photo quality is poor because you now have the access to the best photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store.