Top 6 Must-Try Apps For Android Phone (2021 Edition)

Updated on April 23, 2022

Android ecosystem is pretty different from the iOS ecosystem. Although most popular apps are available on both smartphone operating systems, there are some basic differences. Each ecosystem comes with its stack of apps that is not available on another. Well, it’s highly essential to know about the best apps for Android phones, as you might have to use them regularly. Those migrating from the iOS ecosystem to Android should know about the available options for the devices.

It’s highly essential to know about the available options to get the best user experience on your smartphone. If you browse the Google Play Store, you may find many great apps on Play Store. It’s not helpful if you are the first time user of the Android smartphone and may get confused. That’s why it’s essential to get suggestions and recommendations from others. If you are interested in knowing about the best Android apps for smartphones, then you are at the right place. We are listing the best apps for Android smartphones that every user must have installed on the device.

Best Apps for Android Smartphones

#1 – TrueCallertruecaller

Do you get a lot of calls from anonymous numbers but don’t know who those callers are before picking up the phone? Well, that’s where the TrueCaller comes into the play and will show you the name of the person calling you. The TrueCaller is the app that shows the name of the person who is calling you. With the inputs from users worldwide, TrueCaller gets to know the name of the people. So, you can see the person’s name first and then decide whether to pick the call or ignore it. It’s essential if you are getting a lot of anonymous calls and want to know about the caller.

#2 – MX Player

mx player pro

Using the default video app for watching videos is a primal thing nowadays. With third-party video player apps like MX Player, it becomes easier to watch the videos. MX Player is one of the most popular video player apps for Android. It comes with the support for multiple video files and formats. Not just that, MX Player supports network streaming, so you can load the videos from the websites and watch them with all the controls. This app comes with a lot of customization options and controls for your video viewing experience. Also, you can watch many great web series and movies on MX player due to the tight integration of the OTT platform.

#3 – Google Pay

google pay

Google Pay is the special online payments app by Google for Android smartphones. It works in many countries and helps you complete the payments effortlessly. With this app, you can connect all the bank accounts and transact with ease. You can transfer the money between accounts, other people, recharge the smartphones, broadband services and even pay the utility bills. The majority of the online websites support Google Pay for Cardless payment feature. Instead of installing multiple apps for Banks, you can install Google Pay and integrate the bank accounts in this app for easier payment control.

#4 – Forest


Forest is one of the best apps that everyone should install on their smartphones when it comes to the Productivity apps. It’s the app that helps you track the time and focus on the work with ease. You can set the timer and complete the work in hand within the set time. With each successful round of the time, the Forest app will show you the tree, which you can turn into the Forest and achieve full productivity in your work life. The trees are not virtual, but the app will plant the trees in Africa when you have enough trees.

# 5- Grammarly Keyboard


The best thing about Android Ecosystem is installing multiple keyboard apps to have the best typing experience. If you are not much proficient in English, you should not ignore the Grammarly Keyboard app, and it’s one of the most popular Language-specific apps that you can install. With Grammarly Keyboard, you can type without having any grammar issues while typing. The keyboard will automatically correct the typing errors and grammatical errors with ease. Not just that, Grammarly Keyboard will provide you with suggestions while typing, which makes your English typing impeccable.

#6 – SnapSeed


When it comes to photo editing, no one can match the features set offered by SnapSeed. It’s one of the finest photo editing apps for Android, which everyone must have on their smartphone. With SnapSeed, you can edit the photos as per your likings. Want to edit the background? Want to change the colour or contrast? Want to use the effects? Well, you can do everything with SnapSeed. For advanced users, SnapSeed comes with special features, which helps them fine-tune the photos according to their liking. So, it’s one of the preferred photo editing apps for photographers. Even if you don’t take many photos, it’s a must to have SnapSeed make those moments even more memorable.

Final Words

You don’t want to clutter your smartphone with a ton of apps. Instead, it’s always better to choose one from each category and fully rely on it, unless your requirements are different. Well, instead of wasting your time on Google Play Store’s Most Popular apps list, you can refer to this list of the Best Apps for Android Phones and start downloading these on your device. It’s always better to get recommendations and download the apps, as these are some of the best apps that we recommend and have used on our devices for a long time.