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Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a fun App for Android devices that helps you prank your friends.

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Apple Pie

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1.27 MB

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Android 4.1 and later

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July 1, 2023


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If you love making pranks on your friends, try Apple Pie App, a unique and craziest way to prank someone. Pranks are fun, aren’t they? They always give us some fun moments to keep in memory. You can prank your friends to witness their embarrassing moments. And the easiest way to do so is Apple Pie App. The App is free to use, and you don’t even need a registration to use it. It is so effective that it can embarrass your friend in public. All you need to do is, download the APK and install it. Downloading the App can give you a fun experience and memory. To know more about the App, keep reading the article.

About Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a fun App for Android that can be used for pranks. It is a lightweight App, smaller in size, but it can give you an unforgettable fun experience. You can try it yourself or prank your friends by making them download it. They can get into an embarrassing situation in public if they are not connected to headphones.

Many people doubt whether it is safe to use the App or not, but it is absolutely safe to use. You can use it without any risk. It does not require a subscription, which means you don’t need to pay anything to use it. Also, you don’t need a registration. Just download, install, and open it, and you are pranked. Here is how you can have fun with the App.


  • You can prank your friends.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The App is available for free.
  • You don’t need to register to use this App.
  • It is unique and exciting.
  • You can use it on all Android versions above 4.0
  • It is safe to use; no risk of malware.
  • It is lightweight.

How to Install Apple Pie Apk

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • The App is unavailable on the Play Store. So, to install the App, you first need to set up your device to install Apps from other sources.
  • Go to Settings and open your Android Security. Find the Unknown Sources option and enable it.enable unknown sources

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Apple Pie APK on your mobile. It will take a while to download the file. Wait till then.
  • Once the file is downloaded, locate it to install it. You can find it inside the Downloads folder of your File Manager App.locate Apple Pie APK in File Manager App
  • After finding it, tap on the file to obtain more options. Then tap on Install, and the App will start installing.install Apple Pie App
  • Wait a few seconds, and the App will be installed on your device. You can now Open it.Open Apple Pie App
  • The App will ask you to allow access to your Storage. Allow it and have Fun!Apple Pie asks for Storage Access

How Does Apple Pie App Work

You can download it on your mobile or on someone else’s device to prank them. All you need to do is to download the APK on the target device and install it. You can check the installation procedure given above to install the App. After installing the App, let the person open the App whom you want to trick. The App can embarrass them in public.

When they open the App, it will turn the volume to the maximum and start playing some inappropriate sounds. Also, when they close the App, they will see their homepage and lock screen wallpapers changed to some fun stuff. So, that is how the App works. You can use it to prank your friends and make them laugh, or sometimes it can embarrass them when open in public.


What is Apple Pie App?

It is a fun application to prank someone. You can make your friends download it and witness their embarrassing moments. Or use it yourself to laugh at how the App tricks you.

What does Apple Pie APK do?

The App, when opened, will maximize the media volume on your phone and play some inappropriate sounds. In addition, it will also change your Home screen and Lock Screen wallpapers.

Is Apple Pie App safe?

Yes, it is safe to use; the App is designed only for fun. You can install it on an Android device and prank your friends.


So, that was all about the Apple Pie App. The App is really cool that will surely give you jaw-dropping results. You can download the App on your mobile or manage to download it on your friends’ phones to prank them. The App can put them in a really embarrassing situation if they will open it in public and not wearing headphones. So, download the App from our website Techylist and have fun with your friends.

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