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Wombo AI MOD APK v3.1.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Wombo Studio Inc

Wombo AI Mod is a modified version that lets you use premium features of Wombo AI for free.

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Wombo AI



MOD Features

Premium Unlocked




25.7 MB

Requires Android

Android 5.1 and later

Last Updated

August 10, 2023


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Photography Apps are getting popular as there is a huge demand for advanced features. The increasing trend of social media has a significant role in this. Many Apps come with AI feature that makes your experience even better. In this article, we are talking about Wombo AI Mod. The mod version of the App lets you use this premium AI photography and editor tool for free. You can add a smile to your face or use it to lip sync to create unique creations. Keep reading to learn more about the App.

About Wombo AI Mod

Wombo AI Mod is the modified version of the App. It allows you to use the premium of this Application for free. The App is mainly used for lip-syncing videos. You can create amazing, funny content with it. And post it to your social media to get surprising reactions from friends.

Besides, you can use it to change the emotion on your face. You can also add a charming smile to your face. The procedure of using the App is easy and effortless. All you need to do is to take a selfie and leave the rest on the App. You can use your photo to lip-sync any song. You can select a song of your choice and get amazing creations with this App.


Make Your Photos Sing

With this AI App, you can make your photos sing. You can make your photos ly syncing with songs. And create some mind-blowing creations.

Select Your Favorite Songs

You can select any song of your choice, and the App will automatically turn your photo into a video lip-syncing the song you chose.

Add Or Change Emotions

Besides you can also change your facial emotions in your photos. You can add a charming smile to your photos or make your face look angry or sad. Get amazing results with this feature.

Share Videos on Social Media

The App also lets you share videos on your social media. You can create as many incredible or hilarious creations as you want. And share them with your friends on your social media to get surprising reactions.

Easy To Use

You can easily use the App as it includes an easy procedure. You can take a selfie or import it from your local storage. Change your facial emotion or add a song for lip-syncing.

Mod Features

  • Unlock Premium For Free

You can also try other similar Apps like Dawn AI Apk and FacePlay Apk.

How to Install Wombo AI Mod APK

Before anything, you must prepare your device for installation. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your Security Settings. And then, follow these steps for installation.

Note: You will require JoJoy App installed on your device to use Wombo AI Mod for free.

  • First, download and install the JoJoy App on your device.install JoJoy to use Wombo AI Mod
  • Then, download the Wombo AI Mod APK on your Android device.
  • Once downloaded, find the APK file in your File Manager and tap on it.locate Wombo AI Mod for installation
  • Now, tap on Install and start the installation process.install Wombo AI Mod on your Android
  • Once installed, Open the App and use it.Wombo AI Mod successfully installed


Is Wombo AI a Chinese App?

It is a Canadian application for photo manipulation. You can change facial emotions or create lip-syncing videos from your selfies.

Who owns Wombo AI?

Ben-Zion Benkhin is the CEO and founder of the App.

Does Wombo still exist?

The App is unavailable on the PlayStore. However, you can find it on third-party websites.

Is there a free version of Wombo AI?

You can use the mod version of the App to enjoy its premium features for free.


So, that’s all about the Wombo AI Mod. The App gives you incredible and hilarious results that can easily blow your mind. You can create a Lyp sync video with any song of your choice or change facial emotions in your photos. Usually, it requires a subscription to use the App. But with the mod version, you can access all the features for free. So, download the mod App and enjoy its features for free.

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