Top Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online

Watching the Short and exciting TV series is sometimes more entertaining than watching movies. The Movies and TV series are an integral part of the entertainment industry. In recent days, the younger generation is watching more tv show and that too on a Binge. If you are such tv show lover, then you might find this post on best sites to watch tv series online interesting. With the increase in free streaming sites, it’s very hard to find legitimate one.

There are many ways to watch TV series online. The best way is to buy the Subscription to Netflix or any other paid service and watch as many TV series you want. That’s the best and legal way. But, what to do if you want to watch them for free? Well, we have a list of some of the best sites to Watch TV Series online. In this post, we are listing out some best websites, which allows you to watch almost every new and old TV series for free of cost.

Best Sites to Watch TV Series Online


The Netflix is one of the best websites to watch TV series online. The Netflix is also one of the biggest online TV series creator so that you can watch almost every modern TV series on Netflix website. If you are looking for the free alternative, then the Netflix is not for you. The Netflix is a premium website which provides you TV series and Movies for the monthly or yearly subscription.

You can watch all TV series made and licensed to Netflix on their website. Also, the Netflix website hosts thousands of popular movies for you to watch. If you are not willing to pay for premium membership, then you can access Netflix with 30-Days Trial for first timers.

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New Movies Online

The New Movies Online is the best website to watch TV series online for free. On New Movies Online website, you can find tons of movies and tv series from all around the world. The site is free to use for everyone. So, there is no need to pay money to watch TV series and Movies.

The site allows you to Download and Stream the Movies and TV series online in HD if you have a Free user account. Without the Free user account, you won’t be able to watch free TV series online on this site.


The Viewster is one of the unique platforms which allows you to watch movies and short web series for free of cost. On this site, you’ll find many interesting films and web series for you. Also, you can find many individual content creators providing you interesting content on their Viewster channel.

The site supports Indie Creators a lot, and there are many good channels on Viewsters. You can find many TV series of various genres like Horror, Comedy, Anime, Sci-Fi, Drama and Action on Viewster.


The 123Movies4U should be your ultimate destination for online movies and TV series streaming. On the 123Movies4U site, you can find tons of TV series that are loved by viewers all around the world. You can sort the series by their IMDb ratings, vote the Series on the site and download them in HD for offline viewings.

You can also find various TV shows by their Country, Genre, Country of Release and also check out the AtoZ list. The 123Movies4U is free to use but ad-supported, so you may have to face advertisements while watching the series.

Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular solutions of streaming TV series online. On the Amazon Prime Video, you can find almost every best TV series and Movie that you wanted to watch. The Prime Videos comes with an amazing collection of almost all of the popular US TV shows, Regional and Worldwide blockbuster films, Amazon Original TV series, and more compelling content.

The Prime video is a premium service for Amazon customers. You can enjoy the 30-Days free trial before deciding to purchase the premium plan.


The Hotstar is the best alternative to the Netflix for Indian viewers. If you are from India, then you should check out the Hotstart website. The Hotstar is one of the best Indian sites to watch TV series online for free. On this site, you’ll find almost every  Hindi TV series and Movies running on Star Channels.

If you are looking for International TV shows, then Don’t worry. On Hotstar, you can find nearly 168 favorite TV shows to watch online for free. You can find Game of Thrones, Prison Break, 24 and many other favorite TV shows for free.

The Hotstar is free, but there are some shows and movies which need the premium subscription.


The TubiTV is one of the best websites to watch TV series online for free. The TubiTV is a free alternative to almost every premium online content provider. With TubiTV, you get access to thousands of popular TV series and movies for free of cost.

The good thing about the TubiTV is that they offer to stream to almost every device. You can stream TV series online to your Android smartphone, iPhone, Apple TV and Android Smart TV. That too, Free of Cost. You’ll need the Free user account on TubiTV to watch series online for free.

If you are willing to watch all popular series online for free, then the is the best website for you. On the Fmovies.Se, you can watch all of the popular TV series for free in HD. The don’t have any annoying ads, so you’ll be able to stream tv show and watch it peacefully.

If you want to add the series to your Watch Later list or playlist, you’ll need a free user account on

Final Words | Best Sites to Watch Series online

There are tons of website to watch online tv series for free. But, most of them show annoying advertisements. The sites we listed here have the huge database of online TV series and movies to stream and watch. Some are paid, and some are free. But all of them are legal and provide best viewing experience.  If you know any such websites, then please make a comment below.

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