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Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK v1.0.3 (Unlocked Survival Kit)

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Ultimate Custom Night

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Unlocked Survival Kit




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6.0 and up

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November 5, 2022


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Who doesn’t like watching horror movies or playing horror games at night? Well, only a small percentage of people like doing some creepy stuff in the night and not get freaked out. If you love to play horror games on your Android smartphone, there are some great horror games available for you. With Ultimate Custom Night, you can enjoy the ultimate horror game without any issues. The game is perfectly fine and comes with horrific characters, which will help you get freaked out in the night and have some fun.

The Ultimate Custom Night comes with the compilation of some parts from the popular horror games for Android. The best parts of the best horror games for Android are available in Ultimate Custom Might Mod APK for Android. With each level in this game, you have to brainstorm and try to save yourself from the creepy missions and the characters of this game without getting a horrifying experience. The gameplay of this game is pretty horrific, and that’s one of the reasons people love this game. If you are interested in playing Ultimate Custom Night mod APK, then you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll find the direct download link and the instructions to get this modded APK working on your smartphone.

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Features of Ultimate Custom Night Game:

#1 – Exciting Gameplay

As this is a horror game, the gameplay is quite horrifying, and only the Bravehearts should play this game. Those who have a weak heart and lose temper easily should not play this game, as there are 16 horrifying levels and missions in this game. Each mission is daunting, and you have to face multiple characters and try to stay safe from their wrath. The best thing about the gameplay is that you can choose your enemy by yourself. There are a total of 50 unique cartoon characters available in this game, which are creepy and horrible at the same time. So, it’s a horrific ride that you will experience while playing this game for Android.

#2 – Multiple Tools

In this game, you can choose to buy multiple tools that will aid in your survival and winning the games. With the Air Conditioner, headphones, music boxes, and generators, you can easily get assistance in winning the levels with ease. These are the additional tools that are so important for having the proper gameplay experience. You have to look for the various tools lying on the map and collect the coins and buy various items. It’s diverse gameplay that requires you to have assistance with the tools to strategize better and defeat your enemy.

#3 – Customization Options

As the name suggests, this is the Ultimate Custom Night. This means you have full control over the game and can customize everything with ease. With the customization options, you can choose your villains, characters, special powers, various maps, and levels. Not just that, there is the option to choose the difficulty level for each mission from 0-20. Just customize the gameplay according to your preferences and enjoy playing the same.

#4 – Graphics

For any horror and mystery game, the graphics are highly essential. You won’t see any 2D graphics horror game for the same reason, as it won’t appeal to the users with the horrific experience. Fortunately, the developers have done a great job, and Ultimate Custom Night comes with excellent graphics quality. All of the characters are well designed, and they will force you to scream with agony while playing the game. Not just the graphics, but the sound is perfect, and the characters have horrible sounds that will make your ears bleed. In short, the graphics and the sound are on point and will enhance your gameplay experience.

#5 – Unlimited Everything

In this game, the developers have added special in-game items like tools, toys, survival kits, and the Faz coins. With Ultimate Custom Night Mod APK, you can easily get everything for free without any issues. The game comes with unlimited Faz coins to buy the in-game items, all-time electricity coverage, and fast nights that will help you pass the nights pretty faster. With all these things, the Ultimate Custom Night modded version APK will be the right choice for your needs.

If you have money to spend on the games, you can easily buy Ultimate custom nights from the Google Play store. But if you don’t have money to spend or want to test this game before spending money, you will find Ultimate Custom Night Mod APK pretty useful. With the modded version, you can enjoy all the features of this game without paying anything and access the premium features for free. The gameplay is the same as the original game, but with the modded APK, you will have additional fun. In this section, we will share the direct download link for Ultimate Custom night APK for Android. Download the APK file, and follow the installation procedure to get this game running on your smartphone.

How to Install Ultimate Custom Night Mod APK on Your Android Smartphones?

  1. We’ve provided the download link for the modded APK file above. Tap on it and download the game on your smartphone.
  2. After downloading, tap on the APK file and select “Install’ to start the installation.
    ultimate custom night first
  3. The installation procedure won’t take any more than a few seconds.
    ultimate custom night installing
  4. Once done, tap on “Open” to start the game and head into the terrifying world of Ultimate Custom Night.
    ultimate custom night mod apk installed

Gameplay Screenshots:

ultimate custom night first ultimate custom night second ultimate custom night third ultimate custom night fourth

Final Words

There are many horror games available for Android, but nothing matches the creepiness of Ultimate Custom Night game. With the combination of best gameplay scenes from Five Night’s at Freddy’s, this game becomes the epitome of creepiness and horror games. With the modded version of this game, you can easily access many features for free without any issues. Instead of spending money on the Play Store to buy the game, download Ultimate Custom Night Modded Version APK for free from our site.

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