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Trader Life Simulator is a simulation game where players can start their journey from an empty store and be the wealthiest person in the area.

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Trader Life Simulator






429 MB

Requires Android

Android 4.4 and later

Last Updated

July 23, 2023


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If you love playing simulation games, we bring Trader Life Simulator. It is a less-known but most enjoyable game with addictive and exciting gameplay. The game lets you grow your business from an empty show to the wealthiest person in the area. You can trade different items as there are diverse options available for trading. You can also get involved in agriculture or buy animals to generate revenue in the game. The game has many more features that you will learn in this article, so keep reading!

About Trader Life Simulator

Trader Life Simulator is a simulation game that lets you live a virtual life of a trader. You own a supermarket and have to establish your business by adding furniture and items to your store. Additionally, you can buy vehicles, food, and other things. Make a strategy, grow your business, and be the wealthiest person in the area. Moreover, get involved in different businesses like agriculture and earn more profit.

Players should focus on improving their skills in the game, which will help them be the strongest in the market. In addition, you will have to respond wisely to crises, challenges, events, and opportunities. Besides, the game has high-quality graphics, a beautiful environment, a detailed design, and much more. Also, you can adjust the graphics settings from the game settings. You can set it according to your device’s configuration.


Many Stores and Products

You can find over 100 different products in different stores of the game. As the game is all about trading, you can trade them and earn profit to grow your business.

Diverse Trade Options

You can trade in different areas of the game and earn profit. You can find various items to trade and generate revenue. The prices constantly change, so you should have good tactics and strategies.

Expand Business and the World

Invest in your business, trade items, and earn profit. Use the profit money to expand your business and expand the game world. Explore new places and things for trading and become the wealthiest with proper strategies.

Freedom of Choice

The game gives you freedom of choice. You can do anything or go anywhere in the game. You can go to different stores, buy different products, or trade products to earn a profit, according to your choice.

Renovate Your Private Life

Players can also make their personal virtual life beautiful. You can buy different types of furniture and items for your house, buy yourself new vehicles and live the life of your dream. You can make a house of your dreams with this game.


The game has high-quality graphics that let you enjoy the game to the fullest. The game allows users to adjust the graphics settings according to their device’s configuration for smooth gameplay.

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How to Install Trader Life Simulator APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • You must set up your device to install and play the game for free on Android.
  • Go to Settings and open Security Settings. Now, enable the Unknown Sources installation.enable Unknown Sources to install Trader Life Simulator

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Trader Life Simulator APK on your device. Let it download completely.
  • Then go to File Manager App to find the downloaded APK file and tap on it.locate Trader Life Simulator APK in File Manager
  • Now, tap the Install option that appears on your screen after tapping the APK file.start installing Trader Life Simulator
  • The installation will now start. Once the installation is done, you can Open it and play the game.Trader Life Simulator successfully installed

Trader Life Simulator Tips And Tricks

  • Don’t invest in shelves as soon as you start the game.
  • Don’t take a loan.
  • Sell everything from your inventory to get money. Your toilet and laptop are essential, so don’t sell them.
  • Buy groceries and a bathtub.
  • Don’t invest in the second cashier.
  • Don’t spend money if you get sick. You can’t die in the game.


How many GB is Trader Life Simulator full game?

The game is about 450MB in size for Android devices.

Is Trader Life Simulator offline?

You can play the game offline; however, you will require an Internet connection at some points.

Is Trader Life Simulator free?

You can download and play the game for free if you download it from this website. No subscription or registration is required to play the game.


So, that was all about the Trader Life Simulator game. As the name suggests, it is a game where players make strategies and use tactics to be the wealthiest person in the area. They can trade different products and earn profit. In addition, the game has high-quality graphics and addictive gameplay. So, download the game from this website and start playing it and enjoy!

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