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March 13, 2023


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In today’s world technology plays a major role in our life. Especially smartphones, these devices have become an inseparable part of our life, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have become addicted to them.

Be it a simple call making to editing work documents, getting the latest new or updating your LinkedIn profile; everything can now be easily done just with a few clicks and touches.

However, what we forget is that this device is in one way or the other just a machine, and a machine can encounter errors.  So what would you do if your device suddenly stops and the only way to make it work is by resetting the same? How will you get your important data back? The answer is plain and simple; you need a backup.

While most of the smartphone comes with inbuilt backup options, there are many which don’t have any such option available within them. Also, the ones who already have this option might not backup your entire data, and hence you may lose some of the important information presents.

There is much backup application available in the market. However, the one which has been popular amongst the users is titanium backup developed by Titanium Tracks. You may also like Game Killer.

So, how effective is this application and what all does this offer? Let’s find out.

Minimum System Requirements

This application has been developed keeping in mind both the new as well as old technology, and therefore Titanium Backup is supported in every device running on Android 1.5 or above.

This secures almost any smartphone present as any device ought to run on an Android version above 1.5.

How to Install Titanium BackUp Pro

  1. First of all download Titanium Backup Pro Apk from this download button.
  2. Once you have downloaded this apk file. Open it and follow on screen instructions to successfully install in in your Android phone.

How to Use Titanium Backup Pro

  1. Once the application has successfully been installed on your device, open the application.
  2. Before finally running this application make sure that the device is rooted, as any of the functionality of this app would work thereafter.
  3. Once the device has been rooted then open this application, and you will be directed to a black screen which will define the configuration of your phone and will have a list of options presents.
  4. Click on the menu option present at the top right, and under this, you will see numerous available options, selection ‘Batch Options’.
  5. After this click on Backup all user + system applications, and choose the destination of your backup.
  6. The backup will successfully be stored in the desired location.


The interface of this device is rather simple, or we would say not much attention was paid to the same. The application could have looked better. However, the developers were busy adding in the features, and hence they forgot to add some colour to this bland application.

There was no splash page, ( of which we are a big fan), and the same doesn’t appear in the Pro version as well.

The options although clearly laid out, do miss the modern outlook. However, the navigation within the app is fairly easy, and you will have no problem understanding and back up your data successfully.

We give this application 6 out of 10 stars in terms of looks and appearances.

Functionality and User Friendliness

There is two version of this application available; one is the free version while the second is the pro version which costs you $5.99. As expected most of the advanced features are available in the pro version, and the free version simply helps you with backing up your information as well as restoring the same.

The app is user-friendly, and the user can easily use this app to protect the data and hence store the same at a safe and sound place.

The Titanium Backup offers its user a backup against every system process or any application which has been stored on a user’s mobile.

It also offers you the choice of ‘Market Doctor’ tool, which connects all your application to the Google Play Store. In case you wish to remove any of this connection, then this app will guide you through link destruction process and all your market connections will be removed.

The paid version also offers you the converter option which can convert your normal apps to system applications and hence these won’t be uninstalled even when you reset your device.

It is one of the few applications which guarantees backup protection against any form of deletion.

Value For Money

Backup as we discussed is one of the must have the feature of any smartphone. A device without a backup is susceptible to sudden changes or loss of information.

While the free version of Titanium Backup application offers you the basic functionality, the paid version costs you $5.99 which we think is okay provided with the number of features it extends or offers.

To sum up, we give 7 out 10 stars to this application in terms of value for money. Though, you can download Titanium Backup Pro for free using GetApk.

Our Verdict

Rated as rank one on twitter, as the best backup app, Titanium backup sure does have a lot to offer. With unlimited storage capacity as well as a one-click backup option, it is one app which you even won’t hesitate to go for.

The size of the Titanium Backup Pro application is small, and hence no extra burden will be imposed upon the C.P.U, and it would work with ease and smoothness, the one it was working with before.

The only drawback which we feel this application has is the demand of rooted device, which opens your smart phone to innumerable security issues. Also, the free version has ads which are quite disturbing and hence these could have been avoided.

Apart from the outlook of Titanium backup pro app, everything else we feel is top notch, and it is a must have application for any smartphone user.

Overall, we would rate this app as 9 out 10 in terms of all the factors listed above.

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