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Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK v1.4.9 (Unlimited Money)

Bearbit Studios B.V.

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Smashy Road: Wanted

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Unlimited Money




52.1 MB

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March 3, 2023


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Smashy Road: Wanted is one of  the best racing games out there. There are around 90 plus superb cars for you to unlock and use during the course of the game. There is no time to stop because if you do then you shall be caught. You can also race through grasslands, deserts and all other exotic locations so that you never get bored.

You are driving a car and you hear the siren blowing behind you. You cannot stop so you push the accelerator even harder. But that is not the easy way out because the cars behind you do the same. In such an adventurous and suspense filled environment, you realise that you are being chased or you are “ wanted ”. There is no thing more fun than experiencing a car chase and how do I know this? Because, I have tried the game “Smashy Road”.

This article shall talk about the features and gameplay of Smashy Road: Wanted game, the requirements to download the mod apk and we will end it with the all important download link for the newest working version of Smashy Road: wanted mod apk.

Smashy Road: Wanted – Features and Gameplay

This game is a unique car game which instead of making you race through the racetrack, makes you a part of the very intriguing and suspense filled car chase. There is no time for you to think because if you divert your attention even for a second you might end up being caught. There are 90 plus cars which can be unlocked and there are a lot of exotic environments through which you can race. All of this gives the game a unique appeal which is why it is already so popular amongst the gamers out there. Smashy Road: Wanted is a game where you get to experience the adventurous experience which you could earlier only watch on the movie screens.

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Features of Smashy Road: Wanted:

  • As already said, Smashy Road: Wanted does not let you get bored because it boasts an awesome collection of unique state of the art 90 plus cars which the gamer can unlock throughout the course of the game. The game guaranteed to keep you hooked up.
  • The game keeps you guessing as it uses the superb random environment generation. There are a lot of exotic locations like grasslands and deserts which keeps you engaged throughout. The random environment adds an unique adventure and thrill to the game.
  • The game has a lot great visuals and sound which makes the gaming experience much better and more real life like. There is no fun in experiencing a car chase when you cannot listen to the sound of wheels scrapping and the sound of the engine roaring.
  • All the unique unlocked cars have their own unique set of features. So the game allows you to continue to hunt for the perfect car which has the desired set of abilities which match your personalities. Smashy Road: Wanted allows you to take the best car and bring your A game right from the beginning.

The features mentioned above are something which can make any gamer satisfied. But if you are still not convinced, the next section which shall be talking about the Smashy Road: Wanted Mod Apk will make you go and download this mod apk today.

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What’s more in Smashy Road Mod Apk?

There is nothing extra in going for the basic version available on the Google Play Store which makes you feel excited about downloading the app. But to solve this problem, the internet gives the mod apks which can be downloaded with the same ease. Smashy Road: Wanted mod apk provides a superb advantage of having unlimited coins which makes you purchase any item from the store without having any fear of the price tags. The infinite amount of coins guarantee that for any logical individual, the mod apk works as a better alternative than the basic version out there.

How to download and install Smashy Road: Wanted mod apk?

Installation steps for Smashy Road: Wanted Mod 1.4.9 Apk:

  • Click on the above download button to start downloading.
  • Tap on Yes and the download process will begin.

downloading started

  • After the downloading is finished, you will be taken to the installation page.

tap on install

  • Tap on Install and the android device will finish the installation process of Smashy Road mod apk.


Gameplay Screenshots:

smashy road gameplay first smashy road gameplay second smashy road gameplay third

Final Verdict:

Smashy Road: Wanted game allows you to be a part of a breath taking car chase where you can use 90 plus unlocked cars and drive through random changing environments. The game has stunning visuals and awesome sound features which gives the game a unique gaming experience. The download link works well for every user including those who cannot use the Google Play Store and guarantees an access to the latest working version of Smashy Road mod apk.

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