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Macro Free Fire APK v2.0


Macro Free Fire is a FF tool that offers features like Auto Headshot, increased weapon destruction, boost TCP and Reno, and more.

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Macro Free Fire






4.8 MB

Requires Android

Android 5.0 and later

Last Updated

February 23, 2023


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Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games for mobile. The game has millions of active players worldwide, making it challenging to beat. But with the tools like Macro Free Fire, you easily get consistent wins in the game. This tool offers you several benefits like Auto Headshot, boost TCP and Reno, and a lot more. So, if you want to be the unbeatable player of Free Fire, Macro Free Fire is for you. And keep reading the article to learn more about the tool.

About Macro Free Fire

Macro Free Fire is a tool that can safely inject the Free Fire Extras into the game. With the help of this tool, players can get several advantages over their enemies and win matches easily. It is free and easy to use. You don’t require any technical knowledge to use this App, as the user interface is very simple. The tool offers many advantages that can make you an unbeatable player without any effort.

The Auto Headshot feature helps you get headshots no matter how far your enemy is. This feature attracts the Free Fire players a lot. Besides, the game enables you to boost TCP and Reno and increase the damage aim for several guns. You can also watch the gameplay of famous players through this tool and even share your own too. Here are all the features that you will get with the tool.


Win All Free Fire Matches

This tool can help you win all the matches with ease like FFH4X Regedit. It will provide several unique, helpful tools that will help you to win over your enemies. Be invincible and be the best in your game.

Auto Headshot

The Auto Headshot feature is available for extra advantage for players. This feature will automatically get you headshots, no matter at what distance your enemies are. You don’t even need to set aim or a perfect position to kill your enemies.

Extended Weapon Damage

This feature of the tool allows players to increase their weapon damage so they can kill their enemies more easily. With the help of this tool, you can make your weapons so powerful that your enemies will not even get a chance to react.


The most important feature of the tool is its Anti Ban feature. It is because even the best features are useless if your account gets banned. But you don’t have to worry about this! The tool protects your account from getting banned. You can safely use it to win battles in Free Fire.

Watch Popular Gamers

Along with all these features, the tool includes a Watch Tab. In this section, you can watch gameplay videos from famous players. Not only this, but you can also share your gameplay videos in the forums. And this will help you connect with the game community.

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How to Install Macro Free Fire APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • The first step is preparing your device to install Apps from unknown sources.
  • For that, go to the Setting of your device and then to the Security Settings. There, you will see the Unknown Sources option. Enable it if not already enabled.enable unknown sources

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Macro Free Fire APK on your Android device. Let the file gets downloaded.
  • Once it is done, open your File Manager App and find the downloaded file.macro free fire apk
  • Tap on the file to obtain options. Then tap on Install to start the installation on install
  • Wait till the App gets installed completely. Then Open it.flff apk installed

How to Use the App

  • Open the App and tap on the first screen that appears; it will take you to a Youtube channel. Go back to the App, and tap again. The process will continue again, and you will have to visit 3-4 game channels before reaching the App’s Home page.
  • It will show you a message showing how you can contact MOKM. Tap anywhere on the screen to close it.tap anywhere
  • Then you will see the homepage of the tool. There you can see all the options and use them according to your wish. You can boost TCP and Reno, fix the shader, and more.boost tcp, fix shader


Can we use Macro in Free Fire?

Yes, you can use the Macro Free Fire tool to take a headshot with one click in the game. The App offers many benefits to Free Fire players. Garena cannot capture the Macro users, so it is safe to use.

How do I add a Macro to Free Fire?

Download the Macro Free Fire tool for your Android. Then open the App and set the settings and aims for your guns according to your preference.

Can Macro ban Free Fire ID?

Many gamers favor using this tool because, according to them, Gerena cannot capture Macro users. However, many say that there are chances that your Free Fire account can be banned for using a 3rd party tool.


So, that was all about the Macro Free Fire tool. This tool will help you get several advantages over your enemies in the Free Fire game. With the features of the tool, you can easily win all the games and become unbeatable. You can use the Auto Headshot feature, which is the App’s best feature. It gets you headshots regardless of the distance of your enemies. And you don’t even need to set an aim to kill your opponents. You can make your weapons so powerful and destructive that your enemies won’t even get a chance to react.

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