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House Chores is an adult simulation game that lets you make several choices in the game to build relationships.

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House Chores






849 MB

Requires Android

Android 5.0 and later

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February 22, 2023


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Playing simulation games is the best way to avoid your everyday stress. These games are always exciting as they allow you to experience a whole new virtual life. House Chores is a simulation game that can reduce stress and give you the best fun time. It is an adult game in which you play as a young boy enjoying his vacation. And you have to make hot and smart choices to build up your relationship. Your choices and actions will affect your relationships. The game has a lot more that builds the excitement of players. Go through the article to learn more about the game.

About House Chores

House Chores is an adult simulation game brought to you by Siren’s Domain Patreon. Here you step into the shoes of a young college boy on his summer vacation. He started seeing the lady living with him in a different way. Two unexpected women barge in and start living with you, making it even worse to control things.

Choose your date and make choices. Your choices will build up relationships with these ladies. You can unlock several hot and exciting scenes with them. You can move to different rooms and interact with things like television, tissues, soaps, etc. Also, you can talk to ladies and make a connection with them.

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Attractive Characters

The game has attractive characters. There will be three gorgeous ladies living with you. These ladies are so beautiful that they can drive you crazy. Besides, you can define their relationships with you and build a connection with them by talking to them.

Date Whom You Want

Among three beautiful ladies, you can choose whom to date. Talk to them, and take part in different tasks with them. It will build a connection between you two. You can date any of the three whom you find the most attractive. They all have different relationships with you.

Make Choices

The game allows players to make choices like Lost Life. You can choose what you want to do from options, and your decisions will affect the connection between you and the girl. The pink hearts shows the excitement level of the ladies. So, be clever with your choices; don’t hesitate to make wild choices, as it excites the ladies.


The graphics of the game are pretty good. It looks like a novel, called a visual novel, for a reason. You can double-tap with two fingers on the screen to get the Menu. And choose the quality from High-quality or Low quality from there.

No Ads

The best part of the game is that there will be no interruption while you play and enjoy. Although the game is free, it does not contain any Ads. You can play your game and enjoy it fully without interruption.

Unlock Exciting Scenes

As the game allows you to interact with the different characters of the game, so you must make choices carefully. Your choices can build up your relationships with women. And if you are lucky enough, you can unlock some exciting scenes that will blow your mind.

How to Install House Chores APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • As we are downloading the game from a third-party website, so you must set up your device. So, it allows installations from unknown sources.
  • Go to your Security Settings inside the Settings App. And find the Unknown Sources option. Ensure it is enabled; if not, enable it.

Step 2: Download and Install the Game

  • Download the House Chores Apk on your Android device. The downloading will take a few minutes; wait till then.
  • Once the downloading is finished, locate the downloaded APK in your File Manager.
  • After that, tap on the file to get options. And tap on the Install option to install the game.
  • The installation will take a while, and you can Open the game once it is done.

How to Play the Game

  • After installing the game APK on your device, Open the game.
  • Then tap on the New Game option from the Home screen.
  • Now, tap on the screen to proceed after the introduction. Keep tapping until the introduction finishes.
  • Now, you will see the game screen with your character sitting in his room.
  • After a few interactions, the game will ask you to enter your character’s name. Enter it and start playing it.
  • Set the name and relationships with the women you met in the game. And start building relationships with them. Go to different rooms, talk to them, make choices, and unlock exciting scenes.


Is the House Chores game available on Play Store?

No, the game is not available on Play Store as the game contains some adult stuff. You can download it only from a third-party source.

Can we play House Chores on Android?

Yes, you can play it on your Android. Download the game APK file from this website and install it. And you can enjoy the exciting gameplay on your mobile.

Is it safe to play the House Chores game?

Yes, if you download the APK from a reliable source, it is safe to play. Avoid downloading it from suspicious websites, as they may contain malicious files and malware that can harm your device.

Can we play House Chores on PC?

Yes, the game is also available in the PC version. You can download the House Chores for Windows and install it to start playing it on your PC or Laptop.


So, that was all about the House Chores game. You can play the game on your Android and PC as well. The size of the game is a bit bigger than the regular game. But it is worth downloading for such entertainment and exciting stuff. The game includes hot stuff and exciting scenes that is enough to make to lighten up your mood. So, download the game from above and install it to experience some fun hours. Keep visiting Techylist to get latest updates of this game.

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