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The Google Pixel is the most premium Android-based smartphone launched by the giant Google. The phone boasts the best of the best features. The camera is also state of the art and offers the best way to capture and store everlasting memories. Google is continuously working towards making things better. They worked towards creating the Google Camera, which makes the photo-taking experience, even more, better with the Google Pixel because of the fantastic features. The app is available for completely free of charge and can be downloaded easily.

There is one restriction. The Google Camera is designed to function exclusively for Google Pixel android based smartphones. This leaves more than half of the android users who are not able to download the platform. To solve this crisis and offer the android user with the Google Camera, the android community came up with the idea of apks. It provides the user with the same ease and convenience of use with the same features. It can be downloaded for free on any android device by using an online download link. Apks are designed to assist the android users who are, due to many reasons, not able to download the app from the Google Play Store.

We all love clicking amazing photos. We all also like to pose to get the perfect shot. The Google Camera is designed to assist the android user and take them a step closer towards clicking the ideal photo. The platform provides a variety of photo-taking modes right from the standard portrait mode which shall make you stand out in the frame to the much needed night mode which shall make you click amazing photographs even in areas of low and dim lighting. With Google Camera, the android user can play up their photos game to a whole another level.

We shall make things simpler for the android user by sharing the details about the Google Camera. The features, along with the download process and download requirements, will be discussed. Finally, the download link to the latest version of the Google Camera apk shall be shared.

Features of the Google Camera:

  • Google has created a lot of apps to assist the android user. One of the apps is Google Photos which comes with a feature of face recognition. By downloading the Google Camera, the user can link it to Google Photos. It will then use the face recognition technology to make the core person stand out from the crowd by leaving them colored and everything else black and white. This will enable the user to click some surreal photos.
  • During the times of the Kings, the concept of portraits is prevalent. Paintings focus on the person. The focus is in-depth and makes a note of every curve on a person’s body. This is what makes it a life-like representation. This concept was initially restricted and introduced in only the most premium smartphones. Google Camera brings the portrait mode back to the ground level, where it can be used and accessed by almost every android user.
  • There has always been one major complaint when it comes to smartphone cameras. The cameras were not designed to function well in the low light areas. This made it impossible for the android user to click good photos when they were in small light areas like in a pub, disco or at a party. The Google Camera brought to the android user the Night Mode which allowed the android user to click surreal photos at all times.
  • HDR+ is something that makes or breaks the camera review of any android device. The presence of HDR+ brings fantastic feedback for the android device. The opposite attracts criticism. HDR+ allows the android user to click amazing photos. It is even beneficial when the user wants to record high-quality videos. The Google Camera is designed to offer the android user with the HDR+ technology to click the best photos.
  • The Google Camera Apk is also designed to be a leader in the technology segment. It is designed to keep the user in sync with the latest technological innovations in the area of cameras. The user has to point the camera at any URL or contact simply, and the platform shall guide the user with options like calling or email writing right at their fingertips.

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How to download and install the Google Camera Apk?

  • Click on the download link offered below.
  • Click on download for starting the download process immediately.

downloading started

  • The installation page shall open up after the download process is completed.

click on install

  • Click on Install for completing the installation process.

Google Camera Apk installed

Final Verdict:

The Google Camera offers the android user the opportunity to click the best possible photos. It provides a fantastic portrait mode to click real life-like portraits and the necessary night mode to click pictures in the dark. The platform is provided to the user for no extra charge. It can be downloaded and used on any android device if the user downloads the apk version making use of the download link that is offered above. It can be accessed and used with the same ease and convenience.

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