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September 2, 2023

One of the very first development in the video gaming consoles was designed by Sony in the form of play station one and Play Station X. These were the devices that gave the users their first taste of modern gaming experience. But technology is something that never remains stationary and that is what happened with these devices, they became outdated and the games which brought back a lot of childhood memories and happy times got restricted to these outdated devices.

But what fun is technology if it cannot allow us to enjoy those same old games in today’s time and that is exactly what clicked the makers and they came up with an unique app called as ePSXe which gives the gamer the opportunity to relive there dream of playing the same games which they once enjoyed in their erstwhile Play Station One and play station x on their modern day latest Android devices with the best graphics. The download link for the latest version of the ePSXe apk shall be given in this article. Stay tuned.

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Features of the ePSXe:

  • While developing the app, the makers made sure that they work towards the all important goal of increasing the customer satisfaction. This is the exact reason why the app comes with a lot of cool features that ensure high quality optimum sound, a very high rate of compatibility to almost every brand of android devices and high speed ensuring a smooth gaming experience. The app was also designed to deliver one of the most easiest user interface enabling everyone out there, with or without a technical background to enjoy the awesome app.
  • Whenever we hear the term app, we all think that it will work best with the android devices that is our smartphones but what we all forget that the developers made sure that the advantages of the app reaches everyone and that is exactly why the app was developed to work well for both smartphone devices and android tablets ensuring that you can experience the awesome gameplay no matter what device you are using.
  • The app was well designed to allow one to a maximum of four people to play the newly compatible classic games. But apart from that the main feature that should actually get us talking is the two player gameplay which was designed to give an awesome gaming experience by actually going in a split screen mode that allows both the players to play the game simultaneously. The split screen mode is what that gives the ePSXe a one of a kind unique feel.
  • The makers ensured that the app delivers on everything that an user might be needing. That is why the app supports a whole list of hardware devices support which means that if you are not a fan of playing your favourite classic using the touch screen controls then you can very well go for these hardware devices. The app supports Xperia play, phones with keypad and gamepad, both Bluetooth and USB devices like wiimote , sixaxis, analogue sticks and Xbox 360. These are just a few names, the list is endless.
  • In order to ensure that the best high quality graphics are provided to the user in the compatible versions of their favourite play station one and play station x games, the makers introduced OpenGL HD graphics, the best out there in the market by Peopsxgl Plugin. The makers made no compromise in ensuring that the user does not get disappointed looking at the compatible version of the games.
  • The PC version of the app also provides certain very important feature such as the cheat codes compatibility, the ability to save the game in any possible state at anytime and anyplace using the savestate feature and the memcards helping to save the game. Afterall saving the gameplay was not a popular feature in the erstwhile play station one and play station x gaming consoles.

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How to download and install the ePSXe apk?

A lot of users over the internet are unfortunate victims of the huge collection of websites and webpages that just proudly claim to provide the gamer with the latest version of the ePSXe apk which will work. In almost every case, that proud claim turns into a trust breach. Because of this reason, team of Techylist decided to design our own download link that will stand by it’s claim of providing the users with the best working version of the ePSXe apk.

Installation steps:

  • Press the download link that is given below. This shall bring up a warning message about installing the apk just as the one provided below:
  • Press OK and the download process will begin immediately.

downloading started

  • Once the download process is completed, the user will be redirected to the installation page of the ePSXe apk.

click on install

  • Press Install and the android device shall complete the installation process of the ePSXe apk.

apk installed

Final Verdict:

Talking about the app, it allows the user to get the chance to relive the magic of the evergreen classic games of the play station x and play station one on the android device with the best quality graphics from Peopsxgl Plugin. The app is also designed to support a lot of hardware devices and is filled with one of a kind gaming experience. If you are a fan of classics then the ePSXe app will not disappoint you.

Reviewed by: Cilik Chelsea

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