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City Car Driving is a driving simulator that helps you learn to drive with its realistic physics, cars, environment, traffic, and weather.

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July 21, 2023

If you want to learn to drive, how about trying it virtually first? City Car Driving is a car driving simulator that gives you a realistic car driving experience. You can find realistic cars, roads, traffic, and road conditions. Besides, realistic physics doubles the realism of the overall experience. This game has stunning graphics and incredible features that help you learn to drive. So, keep reading the article to learn about the game and its features.

About City Car Driving

City Car Driving is a car driving simulator with the most realistic physics. You can find realistic cars to drive on realistic roads and traffic conditions. You are free to drive anywhere in the game’s enormous open world. In addition, the game has stunning graphics, and everything is modeled with great detail.

Besides, you can play the Career, Slalom, Drift, or Free modes in the game. Playing these games can help you earn points. The earned points can help you unlock more cars and customize them. In addition, you will learn to drive while following several traffic rules and operating car functions.


Huge Area For Driving

In this game, you get a significant area for driving. You can experience driving on city roads, highways, etc., with less or heavy traffic. Here, you will find bridges, roundabouts, railroad junctions, tunnels, interchanges, and more. You can experience driving on different roads with different conditions.

Polish Your Driving Skills

With this car driving simulator, you can train yourself for real road driving. Here, you will not just handle the steering, but drive while following traffic rules, learn how to drive in heavy traffic, etc. You will also learn steering techniques, switching gears, and more. In addition, it includes autodrome exercises for your driving exam and having a better car feel.

Realistic Traffic

You can have a realistic driving experience with the realistic traffic of the game. Along with realistic graphics, you will get real road conditions, including other people’s behavior on the road and traffic signals. Besides, it has a traffic rules system to help you remember and follow the rules.

Realistic Physics

You can enjoy the best driving experience with this game, as it features realistic physics. This feature simulates a natural reaction to every action, including collisions, brakes, and everything.

Customize and Drive Many Cars

The game offers more than 17 cars to customize and drive. All the cars available in the game look realistic. You can customize them the way you want. Use the points you earn by playing games.


The game’s multimedia feature lets you play with other online players. You can play with them and make friends. So, if you are bored playing with the single-player mode, try out the multiplayer mode.


The houses, streets, roads, poles, landscape, and everything are modeled with great detail. Everything will look real, from the car’s dashboard to the weather of the game. You can experience driving in clear, cloudy, rainy, or foggy weather.

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How to Install City Car Driving APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Firstly, set up your Android device and ensure it allows installation from other sources.
  • Go to your Android’s Security from Settings App. And enable the Unknown Sources option. Skip this step if it is already done.enable Unknown Sources to install City Car Driving

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the City Car Driving APK on your device. The downloading process may take some time. Wait and let it download.
  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file in the File Manager App for installation.locate City Car Driving APK File
  • After finding the file, tap on it and obtain the Install option. Tap on Install to start the installation.Tap Install for installation
  • The installation will take a few minutes to finish. And you can open the game once it is successfully installed.City Car Driving successfully installed


Is City Car Driving multiplayer?

You can play the game in both solo and multiplayer modes. You can continue training in the solo-player mode or play with other online players in Multiplayer mode.

Why is City Car Driving not installed?

You must allow your device to install Apps from Unknown Sources to install the game. You can find the option in your Android’s Security.

Is City Car Driving open world?

Yes, it is an open world. It has a vast open-world area where players can freely drive anywhere.


So, that was all about City Car Driving, one of the best car-driving simulators for Android. It features stunning graphics, realistic physics and environment, several game modes, multiplayer mode, many cars, and a vast open world to drive freely. The game is exciting and entertaining for all players. And it is best for you if you are learning to drive. So, download the game on your device, install it, and play it.

Reviewed by: Troy Benjamin

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