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Bhashyam School






8.24 MB

Requires Android

5.0 or later

Last Updated

October 13, 2022


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Bhashyam School Apk is a beneficial application for the students of Bhashyam School and their parents. It allows you to track your child’s performance in Class Tests, Worksheets, Assessments, and exams. Also, you can see the homework is given and its status, whether it is completed or not. A timetable feature is also given in the Bhashyam School App, where you can see the schedule of the classes. Additionally, you can access the syllabus and content of your Subjects. You can get many more features with the Bhashyam School App. Like, a Fee payment system is recently added to save time. Here is how you can install Bhashyam School Apk and enjoy its amazing features.


User Interface

Bhashyam School App comes with an intuitive user interface. Anyone can use the App with any user manual or guide.

Free To Use

The App is free to use. If you are a Bhashyam School student, you can access the Bhashyam School App for free. All you need to have is your username and password.

Home Work

Bhashyam School App shows the homework given to the students. Along with it, you can also check the status of the homework, whether it is submitted or not.

Worksheet Assessment

In the Worksheet section, you can see the student’s worksheets. Also, the application will show you the marks received in those worksheets.

Class Test

There is a Class Test section given in the App. This section shows the number of class tests the students have given. Also, the marks they have scored in those class tests. This feature is helpful for parents to see how their child is performing in his/her studies.


Bhashyam School App allows users to access all the subjects and their lessons. You can see the number of lessons and their content with the App.


The App also shows the Time-Table for the students. With the help of this feature, students can see their class schedule and the teacher who is going to attend the class. You can see the timetable for the particular day or the whole week’s plan.


Along with a lot of information, you can see the content of a particular subject and watch videos about it. You can get chapter-wise content on a subject.


The attendance feature allows you to check the attendance of the student. You can see the number of Holidays, Presents, and Absents along with their reasons.

Fee Payment

Now, the Bhashyam School App allows you to check the Fee status and make fee payments with it. You can check the amount of the fee to be paid and pay it easily with the App.

Switch Students

You can also switch students in the App. The App allows you to add more than one student so you can track the performance of all your children with a single App.


You can also see the results of the students with the Bhashyam School App. This feature helps to track the performance of the student in their studies.

Less Space Required

The App is small in size. It does not need a lot of your storage space. The App requires hardly about 10 MB of storage and allows you to access its great features.

Regular Updates

Bhashyam School App keeps updated regularly. This feature makes it safer and more secure to use and gives a bug-free and crash-free experience.

Full-Time Availability

You can access the App anytime, 24×7. There is no time limit set for using the App. Access its features whenever you need them.

How to Install Bhashyam School APK

  • First of all, download the Bhashyam School APK on your device. Download Apk from a trusted website only.
  • Open your File Manager App and look for the downloaded file.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  • Locate the file and tap on it to Install it on your device.
    click on install
  • Now, wait for the installation process to complete. Then Open the App.
    bhashyam schools apk installed
  • The App will ask you to log in to your account using your login credentials. Enter the Username and Password.
    login section
  • Now you can access all the features of the App that are listed above.

Apk Info

  • Apk Version:
  • Apk Size: 8.24 MB
  • Requirements: Android


How can I download Bhashyam App?

Bhashyam School App is available on the PlayStore. Alternatively, you can download the Apk and install the Bhashyam School App on your device. While downloading the APK from a third-party source, make sure the website is trustable and reliable. Don’t use suspicious websites, as they may contain malicious files.

Who is the chairman of Bhashyam?

The chairman of Bhashyam Educational Institutions is Mr. Chaitanya Jonnala (CEO). Shri Bhanshyam Ramakrishna was the founder of the Bhashyam School.

How can I login to Bhashyam School App?

To log in to the Bhashyam School App, you first need to install Bhashyam School App. After that, you will require your username and password to log in to the App. The App has great features to help students of Bhashyam School. And parents can track their child’s performance easily with the App.

How many Bhashyam Schools are there in India?

Four Bhashyam Schools focus on and work on students of particular age groups. The School starts with Kindergarten for kids and goes up to Medical and Engineering Colleges for the students.


That is how you can install Bhashyam School APK and enjoy all the features given above. It is a great App for you if your child is a student of Bhashyam School. You can install the App with the help of the instructions provided in this article. Track your child’s progress and performance and get all the necessary details with the App.

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