Top 5 Must-Play Games For Android Phone (2021 Edition)

Updated on April 21, 2022

The majority of Android smartphone users are casual users, and they play a lot of games on their phones. Well, there are a ton of great Android games available on the Google Play Store. If you check out the Google Play Store’s Top Rated Games, then you will find a ton of great games. Due to the huge choice of games, it becomes difficult for people to choose the best game on their smartphones. As people get confused with the choice, it’s essential to choose the games depending on the recommendation from others.

We’ve played a lot of great android games on our smartphones. From the classic arcade, puzzle, mystery, action, adventure, shooting, multiplayer, and racing games, we’ve tried almost everything. So, it’s easy for us to share our personalized list of the best games for Android phones. With this list of the best android games of 2021, you can easily choose from the list and start playing the game that fascinates you the most. In this post, we will share the list of the best games for Android phones that are trending on the Google Play Store and will help you enjoy the gameplay to the full extent.

Best Games for Android Phone

#1 – Among Us

among us

Among Us is one of the most viral Android games. In this game, you are stuck on a Spaceship with a bunch of other players. Your task is to act as an imposter to hijack the ship and kill everyone or find the other person who is the imposter to win the game. The gameplay is pretty simple, and the multiplayer mode makes it one of the most fun games to play. You can find almost every gamer streaming the Among Us gameplay with their squad. We’ve played Among Us with our colleagues for a long time and never got bored with it. The excellent gameplay, multiplayer mode, amazing graphics, and strong community made Among Us one of the best games to play on Android smartphones.

#2 – Genshin Impact

genshin impact

If you like the huge multiplayer and open-world games, then Genshin Impact is the one that is made for you. It’s one of the finest Android games that come with Anime-style graphics. If you love Anime, then you will love this game a lot. Genshin Impact comes with a robust storyline, amazing gameplay, excellent graphics, and everything that one can ask for. The interesting storyline in which you can control multiple characters makes it easier for the gamers to immerse themselves in the gameplay. Genshin Impact is the game if you like the mystery and amusement of the open-world games.

#3 – PUBG Mobile

pubg icon

Yes. PUBG Mobile is a must-play Android game for everyone. If you love the multiplayer battle-royale games, then skip any other game and go for PUBG Mobile. It’s the mobile version of the popular Player Unknown’s BattleGround game made for Consoles and Computers. Nearly 100 players are put together on a huge map, with the area closing every few minutes. The players have to fight others and become the last ones surviving to win the game. The concept of Battle Royale is pretty new, and people love it. With millions of active players all around the world, PUBG Is getting the hype it deserves. You should download PUBG Mobile on your smartphone to enter the world of Battle Royale.

#4 – Clash of Clans

You might call me an outdated person for adding this game to the list. But, Clash of Clans is the pioneer of World-building games for Android. It’s based on the Age of Empires and comes with a huge new option to play. As the name suggests, you have to build the world with the available resources in this game and keep fighting the other players and the clans. It’s pretty amazing to play this game with your friends as there have been people playing it for a few years since it was launched. Clash of Clans has the most loyal fan base of millions of players who have been playing this game for years. This proves that Clash of Clans is one of the best Android phones and deserves a place on this list.

#5 – Candy Crush

candy crush saga

Candy Crush is a game that is dominating the Google Play Store for a long time. With the classic match-three style puzzles, this game has one the hearts of millions of Android users. While playing this game, you will get immersed in the gameplay and become addicted to the same. All you have to do is match the three or more candies, complete the target and proceed to the next level. With thousands of levels to complete, this game is virtually endless. So, it has earned the reputation of one of the most addictive Android games and won several awards.

Final Words

Each day, we can find some new Android games in the Play Store. There are a ton of great games available that will make you confused while choosing the best one. It’s better to ask someone for a recommendation or search on the internet for game suggestions. Instead of falling into the pit hole of millions of games, it’s better to ask for recommendations. We’ve experienced the confusion of choosing the best games for Android phones and have shared this list of the best games for Android. All you have to do is check out this list and download the games you think are suitable for your taste. Some of them may be good, and some of them may be bad for your taste. But it’s all you can do as these are the best games that one can play on their smartphone for a long time.

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