Beggar Prince Game – Available For Sega Genesis & PC

Ever heard of a game that has outlasted time to get the recognition that it deserves? The Beggar Prince is the game which is the perfect example of this scenario. Originated in 1996, the game is designed by the Chinese game developers, C&E Inc. The game’s original title was Xin Qigai Wangzi which when translated means the real Prince and the pauper. Due to the rising popularity of the game, an English translation of the game was completed by the American Company- Super Fighter Team. So today the team of Techylist will provide all information about the Beggar Prince game.

beggar prince

The game is available and works on all Sega Mega Drives. But it is a rather large game for the mega drive concept as it is designed as 32 megabits or 4 megabytes. It allows the gamer to save the game in any of the four slots available for storing the progress. The Beggar Prince is the first Sega Mega Drive based game to release commercially release in the United States. Sadly, there is no Sega Genesis emulator available for Android like PPSSPP Gold, so there is no way to play this game on your Android devices.

The game shipped with a plastic clamshell. A 27-page colored manual also came along with the game. Beggar Prince is compatible with any Sega Genesis, Mega Drive or Nomad system, irrespective of the region (NTSC and PAL included). The main issue with the game comes in the form of its storage capabilities. The gamer cannot store the progress on a system connected to 32x or hybrid CD systems like CDX and Wonder Mega. Though, PC users had an advantage of modifying this game using apps like Lucky Patcher, but it was fun on other platforms as well. We shall make use of the article to offer a complete all-round review of the Beggar Prince. We shall discuss the background story along with the necessary basic features to provide a comprehensive review of the game.

The Story:

The game is designed keeping in mind the basic story of the Prince and the Pauper. The story takes you directly to the Schatt Kingdom. The gamer is placed in the shoes of a Prince. Who is spoilt and has zero interest in learning the essential magic spells which are mandatory for him to learn. The Prince devotes very little time and attention to his magic lessons. The only period that the Prince is able to perform is the pass out spell which makes people pass out for small durations. One beautiful day, the Prince performs the spell and runs from the castle and the town. He reaches the woods. He encounters a beggar there who looks entirely like the Prince. The Prince convinces the beggar to switch the roles. The beggar agrees to this, and they exchange clothes. The Prince, who is now in the clothes of a beggar, visits the town where no one treats him with the respect that he is so used to. In the city, the Prince realizes the value of money and decides to return back to the castle. Upon reaching the gates, the Castle guards refuse to identify the Prince because of his clothes and shabby appearance.

Disappointed, the Prince visits the home of the court magician. The magician informs the Prince that in order to prove that he is the actual Prince, he must find the three hidden treasures. The treasures that have been missing and hidden for a long time. Doing so shall help him prove that he is the original Prince. The Prince must find the Crown, the Ring, and the Seal. The process of finding these missing treasures is relatively simple and easy.

Once the Prince finds the treasures and returns to the Palace, it is revealed that the Cat Minister has imprisoned the King and the fake Prince. He has also used a magic spell to convert everyone except the Castle guards into cats. Now it is upon the Prince to escape the castle and the town and take down the Cat Minister. The main aim is to free the King, restore the peace that prevailed in the city, bring the people back to their original form and most importantly prove that the gamer is the rightful original Prince.

Features of the Beggar Prince:

  • We all have encountered the problem of limited gaming content at some point. The Beggar Prince shuts down all such issues and provides the gamer with extremely engaging gaming content. The gameplay is designed to last at least 30-40 hours. The gameplay will increase because the makers have created a lot of death traps in the game. These shall serve as hurdles for the gamer and will increase the time taken to complete the various levels. The gaming world is also designed to be huge. There are four different exits from the town, and each retreat has a different gameplay attached.
  • The game is designed with a lot of in-game combats. It means that the gamer will have to fight their way to victory. The battle is designed in such a way that it makes use of a stamina bar. It means that with every attack, the gamer shall drain some stamina. Stamina will also be wasted if the player is sitting idle. By performing heavy and strong magic spells, the strength will be exhausted by a higher proportion. It means that the gamer will have to carefully plan their gaming strategy in order to outlast the stamina of the enemy and be victorious.
  • One major factor in the game is the presence of the RPG based gameplay. It means that the gamer can only save the progress of the game at specifically designated points. To make it more difficult, the makers have added certain hidden death traps before these points. If the gamer dies before reaching the next progress saving point, they will have to restart the journey from the last progress that they have saved.
  • As the gamer will progress in the game, they will encounter certain upgrades. These can be easily used and installed during the course of the gameplay. It means that with each update, the gamer shall learn new attacks, acquire new weapons, and increase the chances of winning. The existing threats and attacks of the player will also be upgraded and become stronger than before.
  • Gaming controls and the ease of using these controls is something that defines a game. It is a domain where Sega genesis cannot go wrong. The game only requires the use of three buttons- start, B and C. Start button are used to pause and resume the game whenever the gamer wants to catch a break. The C button is used to perform almost every activity that is required of the player during the gameplay. The B button is used to undo and cancel the choices that are made using the C button.

Final Verdict:

With immense popularity that led to an English translation, the Beggar Prince offers the gamer with engaging gameplay. The storyline is stacked with unbelievable twists and turns that shall keep the gamer hooked on to the gameplay. The gameplay is long enough and loaded with surprises to keep the player entertained. The controls are simple to use and easy to understand. The major drawback comes in the form of a lack of saving the progress of the game at any point in the game. The stamina bar during combat battles may also seem irritating for some gamers. Overall the game is the right mix of action, adventure, and a gripping storyline.