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March 2, 2023


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When it comes to talking about the best available option in the reading apps segment then the first name, which is in fact the pioneer in this segment, that pops up is of Amazon Kindle Lite. The app is associated with the most simplest user interface that allows you to simply download your favourite book and read it at your own preferred time and place.

Whenever we use an eBook on our smartphone devices, there is a huge possibility that storage space of the reading app and the eBook is so large that you eventually end up using all the space on your android device. But there is no need to worry because the makers of Kindle came up with the world’s smallest size reading app. Amazon Kindle Lite provides a lot of free eBooks from every kind of genre and every author be it Indian or international. All with the superb benefit of getting the smallest storage space of 2MB. So if you are a smartphone geek with a lot of apps then the Amazon Kindle Lite will definitely find a space on your phone.

Features of Amazon Kindle Lite:

  • In the usual reading apps available out there, the user had to wait for the entire eBook to be downloaded before he/ she could begin reading the eBook. Usually that takes a lot of time and creates hindrance in the user interface. But this is exactly what makes the Amazon Kindle Lite apart from the usual apps because it gives the user a one of a kind advantage where the user can begin reading the eBook while it is still downloading. By giving this much needed advantage, the makers ensured a unique customer base for themselves.
  • When the concept of eBooks was launched, one of the biggest concern amongst die hard readers was the fact that the glare from the smartphone devices or tablets becomes irritating and painful for the human eye. The limited size of the android device also makes the reading experience difficult but all this claims were proved wrong by the makers by allowing you to adjust your font size as per your reading preference, there is even an option to change the font colour. But most importantly, they introduced a night mode that creates a dim reading experience that is well adjusted according to the human eye.
  • We all know that is nothing is unlimited and even our internet is limited. Every android user is worried about the usage of data on the various apps on the android device. Knowing about all of this, the makers introduced a unique feature that allows you to manage not only your data settings and the amount of mobile/ wireless data being used by the app but also your storage settings making you totally aware about the space taken up by the downloaded eBooks on your android device.
  • While we are talking about internet, we should also acknowledge the fact that even though 4g is the latest internet trend but there are still people who use 2g networks and a majority of apps out there in the Google Play Store are designed to work well with the 4g network. But that is not the case with Amazon Kindle Lite because it was designed to work on every kind of internet network be it fast or slow.
  • When it comes to reading books, it is a huge possibility that the paperback book that you purchase might not be something that shall interest you after reading a few chapters. But when it comes to the Amazon Kindle Lite, the app provides you with a lot of free sample eBooks that can be read before purchasing the complete book. This way you can save a lot of precious money. The app was also designed to house a lot of free eBooks which means that one does not have to buy am eBook for sure.
  • The user gets more and more interested about any app because it offers a lot of unique advantages. People love getting something extra than the basic features and this is exactly why that the makers designed the app in such a way that it can provide a lot of language options which shall attract readers from across the country. There are eBooks available in 5 different kinds of languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam.
  • The best thing about the Apk is that it is compatible with almost all android versions and almost every kind of android device ensuring that no matter which device you use, you can access the Amazon Kindle Lite. The app is best supported with an android version of 4.4 and above.

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How to download and install the Amazon Kindle Lite Apk?

  • Click on below download button to start downloading of Amazon Kindle Lite Apk.
  • Select OK and the downloading setup will start immediately.


  • The installation page shall pop up when the entire download process is over.


  • Select Install and the remaining installation process will be completed by the android device.


App Screenshots:

amazon kindle lite first amazon kindle lite second amazon kindle lite third

Final Verdict:

When it comes to providing a one of a kind online reading experience, there is nothing in the Google Play Store which matches with the user interface of the Amazon Kindle Lite. The app was designed keeping in mind the storage problems faced by android users by keeping the app size of 2mb. The app provides a lot of advantages like the customisation of font. The night mode to reduce the glare from the screen, the option to read in five different languages and a lot of free sample eBooks helping you to make an informed choice. The Apk which is the same app available on the internet with the same ease helps a lot of users. The download link gives you an easy access and is exactly what adds to the convenience of the Amazon Kindle Lite.

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